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Too Quick To Die By Paul Danks
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Henry Plocett, a rude and over-bearing patient at St. Matilda’s Psychiatric Hospital in London is found dead at the foot of a staircase. It is thought that his death is an accident until the... More > hospital administrator, Peter Cathacart examines the scene. Pointing out to the medical director that, as the entrances to the staircase are code controlled, a member of staff must be involved, the only recourse is to call the police. Superintendent Malden and sergeant Stanton must now unravel a complex and sinister chain of events involving forgery, rape and, ultimately, murder.< Less
Secret Acorn By Paul Danks
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The discovery in a freshly dug grave of the corpse of Arty Shaw is both an embarrassment and a puzzle for the Lichfield CID and a particular annoyance for new Detective Inspector Annette Portal,... More > who is anxious to justify herself as a successful CID officer. Sergeant Stanton must explain to his new Detective Inspector how his surveillance of the small time crook has culminated in the murder and removal of his subject without his apparent knowledge. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the suspicious activities of a local haulage company throw no light onto the matter, the head of the investigating team dies of a heart attack and D.I. Portal disappears! Against the background of this bleak situation arrives Stanton’s old Metropolitan Police boss, Detective Superintendent Malden. However, struggling with a badly depleted staff, Malden must entrust his former Sergeant with the main responsibility of the investigation, which has now become a potential matter of life and death for their missing colleague.< Less
Deliverance By Paul Danks
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'When the year shall reach three nines When the Sheriff makes the ride Puffed and proud, then woe betide Horse to horse and death to death He, or she, shall be no more. Then the three spires, like... More > broken pines Shall reach towards the skies no more'. When the ghostly hand of Helen Bayden reaches out across the centuries a local history course in the city of Lichfeld becomes the focus of an ancient prophesy that will see the death of the Sheriff and the destruction of the cathedral.< Less
Cold Steel By Paul Danks
Paperback: $14.17
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A grim winter’s evening plays host to a tragic accident at the Lichfield Fencing Club and the members have little to do but await the attention of the police . However, It is not long before... More > Superintendent Roy Malden realises that there is more to the death of a keen fencer than the metal fatigue of an old foil. With the blade having obviously been cut it is clear that a murder has taken place. The first question is why?< Less

Arundel Lodge Arundel Lodge By Paul Danks Paperback:
Lost Leader Lost Leader By Paul Danks Paperback:
Lost Leader Lost Leader By Paul Danks Hardcover:
Secret Acorn Secret Acorn By Paul Danks Hardcover:
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Deliverence Deliverence By Paul Danks Hardcover:
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