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The Redemption of Cade Beauchard By Kit Prate
eBook (PDF): $1.39
Beaten and left to die, young Cade Beauchard is discovered by Marshal Levi Macklin as he trails a gang of bank robbing killers. Hauled back to jail, is Cade destined to face a judge with the... More > others? Levi Macklin sees something deep within the sass-mouthed, troubled fifteen-year-old that reminds him of the son he lost. Can he save him from the hangman's noose? Would he be doing the world a favor, or sparing a future killer? ~ From the award winning author of the bestselling short story, Sharpshooter ~< Less
Then Why Not Everyman? By Kit Prate
eBook (PDF): $2.99
(1 Ratings)
Slavery... Escape and death... The price of freedom... Nicknamed Runaway for his numerous escapes, a young slave dreams of freedom. Again and again he runs, only to be enslaved once more. Unable to... More > stand more punishment, he commits the ultimate sin – he kills a white overseer. Now, it's run or hang. Amid death and sacrifice, Runaway heads north. He finds a station of the Underground Railroad which leads him to meet the Coopers, a special family, who take him in and give him his first true home. But danger follows and moving slaves to freedom becomes more difficult. Join Runaway on his journey of learning to fulfill responsibility and that freedom never comes without a price.< Less
Feliz Navidad By Kit Prate
eBook (PDF): $1.99
(1 Ratings)
Gabriel Hawkins wants vengeance for the death of the boy he has raised as his own. The son of a wealthy, powerful man is to blame, but Hawkins won't let that stop him. Two women—the boy's... More > mother and a forbidden lover named Delilah—both want something from Gabriel. Is it more than he can give? Will his reputation as El Angel de la Muerte (The Angel of Death) mean his own death as Christmas draws near?< Less
Jason Kilkenny's Gun By Kit Prate
eBook (PDF): $3.99
(1 Ratings)
Josh Kincaid is tired of being treated like a baby. When he finds and saves a man named Savage, his life changes forever. Savage introduces him to whiskey and to women. But Josh's uncle tosses... More > Savage in jail, unfairly as Josh sees it. This sets off a chain of events leading Josh to discover Jason Kilkenny's gun, a multitude of secrets, and great personal loss.< Less

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