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The Deceiver By Barbara M. Olson
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Art Kinder was a man Eric was pleased Bertha did not have to deal with. Art used everyone he came in contact with; especially young women, He would discard them as soon as they proved no further use... More > to him. Now he was on the run with another innocent young lady. It was Bertha and Eric's job to locate Art before he was through with another of his victims. Eric knew Art abducted the woman and took her over the state line. In truth, Art had taken her over many state lines.< Less
The Heir By Barbara M. Olson
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Cindy Lawton a widow of a police officer inherits a large estate and finds it to tough to handle alone, so she calls on her friend Rene for help. Rene and Cindy are level headed, intelligent career... More > women, but because of Cindy's inquisitive mind, the two women get involved in solving many crimes and murders. Ths is the second book involving the two women.< Less
The Runner: Book Five: A Bertha Schlinkenmayer Mystery By Barbara M. Olson
eBook (ePub): $15.00
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She ran on the snowshoes as fast as her legs would carry her. She had to get away from the man that put her in the trash bag leaving her for dead. It would help if she could remember who and where... More > she was now.Fear drove her to the little town where she purchased a ticket at the train depot for the next train leaving. What she would do then she had no idea.< Less
The Volunteer By Barbara M. Olson
eBook (PDF): $15.00
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The local hospital hires Eric and Bertha on the pretense of checking their efficiency level. There were several mysterious deaths in the last few years at the hospital and the home attached to the... More > hospital. Several agents go under cover as volunteers and discover someone is murdering patients under the guise of mercy killings. It is their job to find the identity of the person before more killings take place.< Less