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Flux, Clot and Froth, Vol. 2 By John Bloomberg-Rissman
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Flux, Clot & Froth is a two-volume project comprised of a Volume 1 of poems a Volume 2 containing 2,700+ notes which source the approximately 4,000 sampled texts. On 23 Nov 08, John... More > Bloomberg-Rissman finished transforming his crazy stacks of later 20th- and early 21st-century Anglophone literature into organized shelves. Looking at those shelves, he decided to "unpack" them through a longish poem: "Find something from the 1st book on the 1st shelf. Follow that with something from the 1st book on the 2nd shelf. Etc etc. Intersperse whatever I like from whatever source appeals to me. Intersperse a number of Autopoetic recursions. Form: hay(na)ku. I expect this to go on for several months.” Several became many, and the result is an epic-length mixtape composed of thousands of algorithmically/intuitively-derived fully annotated oft-mangled bits of écriture/parole.< Less