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William Shakespeare's "Macbeth": A Retelling in Prose By David Bruce
Paperback: $8.75
Ships in 3-5 business days
This is an easy-to-read retelling of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth." CHAPTER 1: The Temptation of Macbeth — 1.1 — In a deserted place above which thunder sounded and... More > lightning flashed, Three Witches were ending their meeting. Nearby, a battle raged, and soldiers and horses screamed and died. “When shall we three meet again? Shall we meet in thunder and lightning, or in rain?” asked the First Witch. “We shall meet again after the battle is over. The battle shall have its conquerors, and it shall have its conquered,” answered the Second Witch. “The battle will end before the Sun sets,” said the Third Witch. “In which place shall we meet?” asked the First Witch. “We shall meet upon the heath,” answered the Second Witch. “There we shall meet Macbeth,” said the Third Witch. With the Witches were their familiars. Graymalkin was a malevolent spirit in the form of a gray cat, and Paddock was a malevolent spirit in the form of a toad. The familiars were growing restless.< Less
The Funniest People in Families: 250 Anecdotes By David Bruce
Paperback: $8.00
Ships in 3-5 business days
Paperback edition. This book is one-half of my previous book "The Funniest People in Religion and Families: 500 Anecdotes." It contains 250 anecdotes about families, including this one: ... More > Just after the end of World War II, while country comedian Archie Campbell was still an enlisted man in the United States Navy, he hadn’t seen his wife for a long time, so he asked Lieutenant Sam Bailey if a way could be arranged for him to see her. Therefore, Lieutenant Bailey asked Mr. Campbell to take an apparatus to Florida to have it repaired—of course, Mr. Campbell had his wife meet him in Florida. At the repair shop, Mr. Campbell asked how long it would take to have the apparatus repaired, and the technician assured him that it would be repaired by the very next day. This was bad news for Mr. Campbell and his wife, so he explained the situation to the technician, saying, “I haven’t seen my wife in over a year. Take longer than that.” The technician replied, “In that case, it will take at least a week.”< Less
Seize the Day: 250 Anecdotes and Stories By David Bruce
Paperback: $8.50
Ships in 3-5 business days
Print edition. This book contains 250 anecdotes and stories, including this one: Andrew Tobias and Charles Nolan were a happy gay couple for years until Mr. Nolan died. Soon after Mr. Nolan died,... More > Mr. Tobias’ mother, who was Jewish, also died. At the memorial service for Mr. Tobias’ mother, Mr. Nolan’s brother spoke. Mr. Tobias writes about “Charles’ brother, a Catholic priest, who, when he got up from the audience to speak to the largely Jewish crowd, said he imagined my mom and dad and stepfather (also Jewish) and Charles (Catholic, but lapsed, and gay)—were now all likely in paradise having a fine and stylish old time together.” Mr. Tobias noted to the Catholic priest (with a smile) that according to the Pope, perhaps none of them would gain admission to Heaven. Mr. Tobias writes, “To which he shot back—with a quiet conviction I get a little choked up recalling—‘It’s not his call.’”< Less
William Shakespeare’s Cymbeline: A Retelling in Prose By David Bruce
Paperback: $11.25
Ships in 3-5 business days
Posthumus Leonatus, an orphan, has some problems. He married Imogen, a Princess, without the permission of her father, King Cymbeline of Britain. Because Posthumus is a commoner and King Cymbeline... More > does not want him to inherit the crown, Cymbeline banishes Posthumus, who goes to Italy. There he meets an Italian named Iachimo, who hears him boast about the faithfulness of his wife and who makes a bet with him. If Iachimo can seduce Imogen, then he will win a valuable diamond ring that she gave Posthumus, but if Iachimo cannot seduce Imogen, then he will give Posthumus many gold coins. The two men make the bet, and Iachimo goes to Britain to try to seduce Imogen.< Less

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