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The Robe: Legacy By Darren Hollinshead
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One year after the end of Stradus and the world tries to recover with difficulty. Robert hides himself away in the shadows of society in an effort to find solace from his actions the year... More > before. When rumors circulate that one man who once served the Stradus military division still lives. His intent, to rebuild the power his organization lost and blanket the world once again under their control. With time running out and the world engulfing itself in infighting, Robert once again dons his robes and set's out into the chaos. His journey will take him through the consequences of his choices one year ago. In doing so, he will witness countless die, cities burn and encounter his own madness and struggle within his mind. Can he find the will to survive and continue to the end?< Less
The Robe By Darren Hollinshead
eBook (PDF): $3.76
Robert was a man like any other. He had a family of his own and a life that seemed normal. His life was normal but his family wasn't. His fathers dark secrets linger on the brink of an abyss. The... More > robe locked into Robert's cabinet was more than an artifact. It would begin a journey he would never have chosen. His family would become a bargaining chip in an evil corporations attempt to control the world. Robert will be forced to bury his fathers history. One Person at a time.< Less
Memoir of Shadows: Revelations By Darren Hollinshead
eBook (ePub): $4.28
The second chapter in the trilogy. The survivors of Prego have now made new lives for themselves. Their lives don't stay so simple and relaxed for long. The Human Alliance starts to assault Dark... More > Space, annihilating everything they come across. This is not the only danger however, something prepares to strike from the darkness. The return of an old friend brings hope, this brings them together once more. The choices and betrayal of one person causes a tragedy that humanity will never forget.< Less
Frontier By Darren Hollinshead
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In the early 22nd century, humanity had come out from the scientific dark age started by a rogue man. A team of scientists were brought together under an uneasy government and scientific banner to... More > develope new options. In the years that followed, one man James, showed more potential than any others before him. His research gave birth to an experimental jump drive opening the doors to human exploration to the edge and beyond Sol. One such expedition is planned to Pluto, one of the last planets left unexplored by people. During the journey James learns that there's more to the trip than anyone had let on first hand. An unknown energy source had been detected and the orginal reason for the exploration was to discover its origin. In this process, humanity discovered what it always wanted. However, discovering what they wanted ended how no one could have ever expected.< Less

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