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You are almost 14 years old. Your mother died six years ago, and you help look after your younger brother while you father works. He is a pitcher for a minor league baseball team, and he is trying... More > to make it into the major leagues. Just when it seems that things are looking better, tragedy strikes again. Now, it’s all up to you. You have your own dreams, and you desperately care about your small family. Will you be able to make it work? The story of Devin Robinson as the kid pitcher for the San Francisco Giants becomes well known, but what was never told is the story of Devin and Jordan’s early years. They have long since reached adult age, and they have decided that the time is now right to put the journey of their beginning part of their lives into print. This is a story for baseball fans and anyone else who wants to read about personal courage and determination.< Less
Zac and the Reluctant Prince, Book 1 of the Prince David series By Wilson James
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At the age of six, Zachary Bolitho discovers that his very kind, small town, neighbors are actually the Monarch’s grandson and family. By the age of seven, Zachary has lost his father, met the... More > Queen, and become an assistant caregiver to his little brother, Austin, and Austin’s same-age best friend, David, who just happens to be a royal prince. When a national tragedy strikes seven years later, Zachary finds himself in a role he is hardly prepared for, placating senior government officials while trying to protect young David. Going purely on guesswork and instinct, Zachary tries hard to do what he thinks is right while at the same time working to assist a much younger David to do the same. Dealing with cranky, older advisors, a lack of clear direction, plus a traitorous and Machiavellian uncle, Zachary struggles to make sense of what has happened while trying to prepare his young friend for the most important role of his life.< Less
The Watson Works By Wilson James
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Tragedy has struck the Watson family more times than any family should have to bear. Connor, the younger of the two young teen brothers, will have a chance to prevent a similar tragedy from... More > happening to another family, but before he gets that chance, he will have to work hard to keep his own small family intact. Connor will have to make some tough choices, and have to make a stand to support his new family, but will find support in unlikely places. He will know unhappiness and despair, but will ultimately find the strength to do what is needed. Join Connor in his search for happiness and a loving family. “A Family Legacy: THE WATSON WORKS” is an unlikely story of family, adventure and courage displayed by young family members who have lost their parents in two separate tragedies. In coming to terms with their loss, they find the strength to help themselves and others, and at the same time build a new family to replace what they've lost.< Less
BOYS ON THE WATER: Story of the Murray Brothers By Wilson James
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This book tells the story of Derek Murray and his family, starting just prior to the death of his father, and continuing through his teen years to early adulthood. Derek was born and lived in a... More > relatively small coastal community. He was not yet five when his mother died in childbirth, and he started helping to care for his younger brother even before his father died. After his father’s death, he looked after Sean on his own, keeping the outside world fooled as to the circumstances in which they lived. For the first year, they lived on their Dad’s savings, and then Derek started earning money through some part time work. First, he delivered papers, with Sean’s help. Then he also started getting part time work at the community recreation center, and eventually he got summer employment at a camp, and finally, he graduated early from high school and got full time work at the recreation center, where he stayed for a few years before the two brothers worked their way through college.< Less