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Portrait of my Grandfather in his Twenty-Second Year By stephen hudak
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He is looking to the left of the picture taker, seemingly lost in thought...contemplating something unknown, perhaps planning their future. She is looking into the eye of the camera just as she did... More > into mine when I was a child. The year is 1934, two years before their wedding day – roughly midway between the Great Depression of 1929, from which many were still recovering, and Germany’s invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939 signaling the start of World War II. The noted historian, David McCullough writes, “The past after all is only another name for someone else’s present” . The moment preserved in this faded photograph has been long lost. A sad fact of history, family history in particular, is that when one matures to the point where such matters become important, many of the key figures no longer remain. I spent many fine days with my grandparents, flittering away my childhood, unaware of my own bloodline, and too young to care.< Less
Portrait of My Grandfather in his 22nd Year By stephen hudak
Hardcover: $20.30
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A historical memoir tracing the author's great-grandfather throughout history from then Austria-hungary to present day Slovakia.
A Rumpelstiltskin Christmas By stephen hudak
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Rumpelstiltskin finds himself on Santa's naughty list. He feels it's just a bum rap. Can he redeem himself in time for Christmas?
Leadership: Thoughts by an Aspiring Leader By stephen hudak
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