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Return to Tchrkkusk By Anne Nydam
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In the third volume in the Otherworld series, another crisis faces the Deerfolk. The king has died suddenly, and his two sons both claim the throne. Which one becomes king may mean the difference... More > between life and death for the rufous dwarves in Scomu Ghetto. With the young dwarf Chlukash inspiring them and the bard Svarnil to remind them of their history, a group of the Scomu set off for the long-ruined cities of Tchrkkusk, in search of a place where they can be free. But is Tchrkkusk more than a dream? And if they arrive, will there be anything there for them now? (Book 3 of the Otherworld Series)< Less
Song Against Shadow By Anne Nydam
Paperback: $14.00
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This is the story of Svarnil, an apprentice bard chosen by the immortal Cumarún to travel to the land of the Deerfolk and rescue them from a shadowy warrior king and the mysterious Death that... More > follows him. But in a world of warriors and magic, not everyone is a warrior or a mage. Svarnil has never learned sword fighting, cannot perform magic, and seems to have no heroic powers. She is not even sure she wants to become a bard. But what other ways can there be of meeting the dangers and conflicts she faces? As her adventures among mages, monsters, and spirits unfold, Svarnil learns what it means to be a true bard. She must also discover whether the gifts she has will be enough to bring her through the challenges before her. (Book 1 of the Otherworld Series)< Less
Vision Revealed By Anne Nydam
Paperback: $14.00
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When Svarnil hears of the discovery of an ancient religious document that may change the course of history, she travels all the way to the southern border of Yuwara Ul Sahd to learn the truth about... More > the Minarian religion - and join the librarian Nulif in his dangerous quest to share that truth with others. This time the bard and Nulif must contend with elemental monsters and charges of criminal blasphemy as they try to help the city of K'Ten accept a forgotten interpretation of the scriptures and hold fast to the true meaning of their faith. (Book 4 of the Otherworld Series)< Less
A Threatening of Dragons By Anne Nydam
Paperback: $14.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
There are rumors of trouble between dragons and the people of the North Region, but who can negotiate with angry dragons, clawed and fanged, and armed with eyes as deadly as their fire? The bard... More > Svarnil and the librarian Nulif find themselves on the quest to discover what is making the dragons so restless, and how peace can be restored in the Region. It will require all their bravery, all their wisdom, and all their faith in each other to survive this adventure, in which they must face the distrust not only of the dragons and a sorcerer, but also of Svarnil's fellow elves. (Book 5 of the Otherworld Series)< Less

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