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Plot Twists By Oliver Meech
Paperback: $21.78
Prints in 3-5 business days
The long-awaited follow-up to Oliver’s critical and commercial hit ‘The Plot Thickens’. This time it’s all about taking plots you know and twisting them until they become new... More > again. 23 twisted items using cards, coins, flashlights, dog tags and more. Includes: GOOGLE GUESSING: Memorise the Internet - Gregory Wilson’s favourite. TRULY INVISIBLE DECK: Perform a version where the deck remains invisible throughout. MOUTHY TRANSPOSITION: Do sleight-of-tongue with coins. TAROT CRIB: Give quick personality readings without any memory work. POP-IN: Get a coin inside a sealed Snapple bottle, with the safety button down. All written in the entertaining style that made ‘The Plot Thickens’ so popular. It’s time to get twisting. “Oliver is a creative, brilliant and humorous thinker” Dale Hildebrandt (from the Foreword) 86 large pages, 108 photos, perfect bound.< Less
Mister Meech's Merged Mail-Outs By Oliver Meech
eBook (PDF): $15.12
Year One. All 26 issues of Oliver's newsletter in one place. 13 effects, 13 ideas, 13 links. Magic with playing cards, photos, pizza and more. Plus bonus card trick 'Walking Fingers'. With new layout... More > and index. 95 pages.< Less
5 For £5: Coffee By Oliver Meech
eBook (PDF): $8.79
5 tricks for whenever you're having coffee. Whether you're in a coffee shop, at home, or in a meeting, you'll find something sweet inside. Includes - SHAKEN AND STIRRED: A great force with an added... More > sprinkle of magic. LINKING COFFEE RINGS: Two coffee stains 'link'. THE CUP CAVITY: An ingenius use for those ubiquitous paper cups. TOFFEE AND CEA: Two drinks swap places - they won't believe their tastebuds. TEA BRAG: An against-the-kettle challenge with a memorable revelation.< Less
5 For £5: Stage By Oliver Meech
eBook (PDF): $8.79
5 tricks for stage, stand-up and/or platform work. Playful effects that play big, with cards, cars and more. Includes - SPECTATOR BLINDFOLD DRIVE: A spectator drives a remote-control car over playing... More > cards and you predict which one they park on. TED VADER: An audio revelation that's deeply strange and most amusing. TRUST NO ONE: Prove that the audience are up to their own tricks. SAY WHAT YOU SEE: You supposedly fail to guess a chosen photo, then show that it's staring them in the face. CRASH BANG WALLOP WHAT A PRETTY PICTURE: The classic pulling-away-the-tablecloth stunt goes oh so wrong...then oh so right.< Less