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Olivia Kinsley By Brenda Nolan
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His sheer height and size were enough to terrify the reverend’s daughter. Still, Olivia Kinsley had to accept his assistance. Two months on the Atlantic was above her financial means, but... More > employment as a nanny made it possible. If Grant Croyden was willing hire her with no experience, Olivia had to take the job. She desperately needs to find her fiancé after two years of waiting. Still, the journey would be demanding and dangerous. Without adoration for the infant Grace, it would be unbearable. Nevertheless, it is less challenging than being cast aside when she reaches America, and nothing could prepare her for the game of life and death that she is thrown into. There is a twisted world of deception on the shores of South Carolina. However, for Olivia it offers one chance… one hope… and one man to see her through it all.< Less
Elizabeth Drake By Brenda Nolan
Hardcover: $20.00
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Despite his stunningly dark eyes and his impressive frame, Ryan Hawke is rude, arrogant, and self absorbed. Still, he is the only thing that stands between Elizabeth Drake and the men that want her... More > dead. After her father is murdered and her brother is brutally attacked, only Ryan is left to help Elizabeth. The letter that she carries is her salvation, but to the men that are after her it's as good as a death warrant. Ryan wants nothing to do with Elizabeth. His life was perfect in Burdery before she arrived. However, once she stepped foot in his bank he knew he was going to be sucked in. Unavoidably, Elizabeth brings nothing but destruction to everyone that she trusts. And the only man that can help her is the one that Elizabeth trusts the least.< Less
Josey Caulder By Brenda Nolan
Hardcover: $25.00
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A sequel to "Naylene Caulder", Naylene's younger sister deserved a story of her own. Josey Caulder was just a kid when she took to the sea with her brother, but the wild little girl became... More > a deadly swordsman with an impenetrable heart. Endless training, hard work, and perilous battles finally made a name for Josey, but "Pirate" is a name that just might get her killed! Renay Illian can barely stand the audacious woman that ends up in the brig. Her mouth has gotten her into more trouble than she is worth, and when Josey starts putting his inexperienced crew in danger, Renay's patience run thin. Still, the colossal sailor in charge of reforming the she-devil isn’t immune to her wild appeal. Weeks of painful arguing bring his restraint to a boil just before he learns who she really is… by then, it’s too late. Josey has him and his crew wrapped up in a dangerous game. One that she might not live through!< Less
Julianna Galloway By Brenda Nolan
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His green eyes and chiseled jaw teased everywoman that he passed, but Julianna Galloway wouldn't even consider trying to tame Rolland Therrin. A strong sense of disgust for her guardian’s son... More > kept her mostly at bay. Still, Rolland found ways to drive her insane and create a desire that Julianna could not ignore. When he informs her that she needs to find a husband Julianna is infuriated. However, a retreat with her best friend is an opportunity to husband hunt. Colonel James O’Connell is the best option. Hard and rugged, James is everything that Rolland is not. Unjustly, Julianna’s father (a distinct man of local legend) binds her to James against her will. Surrounded by political turmoil and war Julianna is forced to trust the Colonel, while her memory refuses to leave Rolland behind. The fight of a lifetime ensues as Julianna tries to get home to the friend that loves her, the family that raised her, and the green eyes that hold her heart.< Less

Naylene Caulder Naylene Caulder By Brenda Nolan Hardcover:
Rachel Lawren Rachel Lawren By Brenda Nolan Hardcover:
Naylene Caulder Naylene Caulder By Brenda Nolan Paperback:
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Josey Caulder Josey Caulder By Brenda Nolan Paperback:
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Hannah Price Hannah Price By Brenda Nolan Paperback:
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