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Math Mammoth Percent By Maria Miller
Paperback: $10.60
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Percent teaches students the concept of percent, percentage of a number, discounts, sales tax, percent of change, circle graphs, and percent of comparison. It is suitable for 6th-8th... More > grade. The concept of percent builds on a student's understanding of fractions and decimals. Specifically, students should already be very familiar with the idea of finding a fractional part of a whole. We compare ratios, fractions, and percent. Students study how to make a circle graph. Last is percent of change dealing with decreases and increases in quantities (such as prices). We also study how to find the percent of change when the original and new amount are known.< Less
Math Mammoth Geometry 3 By Maria Miller
Paperback: $13.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Geometry 3 can be used after the student has finished Math Mammoth Geometry 1, and is suitable for grades 6-7. This book does not require the students to calculate area or volume, and... More > that is why it is not necessary to study Math Mammoth Geometry 2 (which deals with those topics in depth) before this book. We start out with basic angle relationships, such as adjacent angles (angles along a line), vertical angles, and corresponding angles (the last only briefly). The lesson Angles in Polygons is a sequel to studying angles in a triangle. The next set of lessons deals with congruent and similar figures. The last section of this book teaches some basic compass-and-ruler constructions. Note: At this time (2014), this book is in "beta" stage. It will be revised with more lessons (such as about The Pythagorean Theorem) probably in early 2015.< Less
Math Mammoth Place Value 3 By Maria Miller
Paperback: $9.15
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Place Value 3 is a self-teaching work text that focuses in on 4-digit numbers: it teaches place value with thousands, and adding and subtracting 4-digit numbers. The book is not tied to... More > any grade level but best suits third grade. The emphasis is on trying to get familiar with numbers that have thousands and 'visualize' them on a number line. Rounding and estimating are also included - very important skills needed in everyday life. The book practices adding and subtracting 4-digit numbers both mentally and in columns. Order of operations is studied as concerning addition and subtraction, including several connections with algebraic thinking.< Less
Mamut Matemáticas Fracciones 1 By Maria Miller
Paperback: $11.80
Prints in 3-5 business days
Mamut Matemáticas Fracciones 1 cubre el concepto de fracciones y números mixtos, convertir fracciones en otras fracciones equivalentes, y la suma y resta de fracciones y números... More > mixtos. Se estudia multiplicación y división en el libro Fracciones 2. El estudio de fracciones conlleva muchas reglas, y muchos estudiantes sólo las aprendan mecánicamente, sin entender bien los conceptos y principios subyacentes. Se equivocan mucho porque se confunden entre las reglas diferentes y las aplican incorrectamente. Eso les puede dar miedo de fracciones o por lo menos hacer que no les gusten mucho. Para evitar eso, el estudiante necesita ENTENDER estos principios, no sólo aprender reglas mecánicas. Fracciones no tienen que ponerse enemigos - ¡pueden ser nuestros amigos! En realidad, las utilizamos diariamente y son muy necesarias.< Less