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Mirage By Barbara Leigh Stevens
eBook (ePub): $5.95
Young Detective Timothy Earley is eager to prove himself when he lands his first Homicide investigation where he will be the lead detective. The opportunity arrives when a body is discovered crammed... More > under the ramp descending onto the Hendrie Trails of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Detective Earley soon finds that he will not be flying solo when his case becomes entwined with fellow Detective Ashley Barton's Missing Person investigation involving the sudden disappearance of a young mother from a wealthy and prominent Hamilton family. The search for both a murderer and an abductor becomes engrossed in the torment of personal betrayals, the sorrow of mental illness, a journey to the Middle East, and the pride of a Muslim family. Suspects are proposed, discarded, and then re-affirmed as the complexities of the dual investigation mount. The resolution of the mystery threatens many lives-both of the innocent and the guilty.< Less
Progeny By Barbara Leigh Stevens
eBook (ePub): $5.95
A young groom does not arrive at the church for his wedding, but the loyal bride is adamant that she has not been stood up. It is only a few hours later that a glider enthusiast gazes out his plane... More > window and then calls the police to report seeing a body lying in a remote farm pasture. Sympathy floods in for the poor, devastated bride. Everyone who knew them thought they had made the perfect—perhaps too perfect. Within days, the city is rocked again by the murder of a prominent physician. This time though, the killing does not occur in the isolated environs of the rural countryside, but amidst throngs of people gathered for the popular annual Soupfest in the core of the city. Detective Sergeant Timothy Earley and his team of investigators are led through a myriad of confusing, dead-ended scenarios until they begin to realize that the two murders are connected. The link lies beyond their wildest imaginings and hides a scam that has the potential to devastate the lives of many families within the region.< Less
Torment By Barbara Leigh Stevens
eBook (ePub): $5.95
TORMENT is a mystery novel set in the small fictional town of Marcville, Ontario, a model bedroom town. Westland High is its model school. But both are susceptible to cracks in the harmony of the... More > social milieu, and silent tears in the misery of individual lives. When Kyra Whitehead, a vivacious cheerleader, is raped at a celebratory team party, no one anticipates what follows this single, horrific act. Amongst hundreds of staff and students, finding witnesses is not a problem, but defining motives and eliminating inconsequential evidence becomes a nightmare for Detective Michael Stewart and his crew of fellow police officers. Identifying suspects can only be achieved by realizing who the intended victims were, and then, who would want to harm them. The words and actions of a string of proposed suspects are interpreted in unexpected and startling ways. The story leads us through the trauma of lives brutalized by bullying, and into worlds where drug and gambling addictions redefine the bully and the victim.< Less
Justice By Barbara Leigh Stevens
eBook (ePub): $5.95
A young McMaster doctoral student is murdered in the street. Another student is accused of vehicular homicide. A shocked academic community can find no reason why one student should kill another. The... More > trial is held, but its resolution is disturbing. Things begin to happen. Detective Sergeant Timothy Earley of the Major Crime Unit heads an investigation of multiple murders and attacks which targets members of Hamilton’s Superior Court judicial system. A past crime seems tied to the present case. Then, a ponzi scheme is uncovered that preys upon newly retiring citizens of the city with promises to replenish savings lost in the recent recession. False, hidden and mistaken identities permeate all aspects of the case and lead the detectives into a frustrating morass of confusing motives and unlikely suspects. The tale exposes the age-old dichotomy between the law and justice, and whom our judicial system truly serves—the innocent victims or the savvy criminal?< Less

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