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Sweet Romance By Sølvin Refvik
eBook (PDF): $4.99
'Sweet Romance' is inspired by the traditional 'Spanish Romance' and should be played in a rather romantic manner with focus on dynamics and phrasing, and by emphasizing the melody line without... More > using rest stroke. Strive for a smooth shifting from one position to the other. It is also possible to play 'Sweet Romance' with tremolo technique.< Less
Breeze By Sølvin Refvik
eBook (PDF): $4.99
'Breeze' is a quiet guitar piece inspired by tunes like the Pat Metheny ballade Farmer's Trust. Music by Francisco Tárrega and the great Paraguayan guitarist and composer Augustin Barrios has... More > also been a huge inspiration when writing this tune.< Less
Pray By Sølvin Refvik
eBook (PDF): $4.99
'Pray' is a kind of hymn, presenting its melodic themes over straight major and minor chords (mostly). In the middle section 'Pray' takes a new turn since it now is played by adding the tremolo... More > technique, while all of the fingerings and position which the song is built upon, stays the same as before. Therefore, learn the first parts very well before you go to the tremolo part. (If you are not used to playing tremolo (p a m i), you can 'cheat' and play triplets (p m i) instead as this is much easier and sounds almost just as good.) As always, play the music with passion and feeling and try to create a sacral mood, and to obtain a dynamic performance.< Less
Wind By Sølvin Refvik
eBook (PDF): $4.99
‘Wind’ is a peaceful song in 6/8 starting and ending with natural harmonics, this to illustrate the soft winds on a warm, nice summer day. The music floats away in a light, expressive and... More > romantic mood, with a singing melody accompanied by a strong bass line and some chord tones. 'Wind' should be played in a romantic, legato way with great focus on phrasing and dynamics, and by emphasizing the melody line.< Less

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