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How are Animal Skins and Bones Used for Jewellery Art Sourced, Processed and Marketed and How are these Ancient Mediums of Creation Celebrated in the Hands of Modern Day Artist? By Farrukh Khan
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Animal skins and bones were in use long before man could find ways to use gems and other mineral forms as adornments. After all, finding ways to extract minerals required more sophistication. Because... More > living animals impressed, attempts to emulate their form to benefit from beauty created by nature continued and nothing went to waste as the earliest of hunter-gatherers attempted to highlight their prowess in order to impress.This dissertation presents an examination of the sourcing, processing and marketing of animal skins and bones together with techniques for working with such mediums, ethical concerns and the value of products crafted to understand better the use of animal skins and bones for jewellery items.< Less
International Water Basin Management: Global Water Treaty Enforcement Mechanisms and Basin Practices By Farrukh Khan
eBook (PDF): $50.00
This dissertation presents a discussion about enforcement mechanisms that are available in international law for global treaties for management of transboundary water bodies and basin practices that... More > assist with sustainable management of such freshwater bodies.< Less
Benchmarking for Financial Performance in the Hotel Industry By Farrukh Khan
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Benchmarking helps firms to compare their performance with other similar firms or competitors operating in the same or similar markets. A benchmark is an appropriate reference for comparison and the... More > process of comparison leads to insights that bring about an improvement in performance. Although the financial performance of firms is of vital importance to stakeholders, benchmarks are not always financial matrices and a wide range of benchmarks are used for comparisons in all industries, including the hotel industry. This very brief essay presents a discussion about the use of benchmarks for comparing financial performance in the hotel industry, benchmarks used in other industries and the effective use of benchmarking.< Less
A Literature Review for Price and Volume in the Equity Market By Farrukh Khan
eBook (PDF): $40.00
This literature review presents selected published research material that will be of interest to those who have an interest in price and volume movements and the impact of announcements, news or the... More > release of information on such movements. Although it is difficult to accurately predict the psychological impact of information on traders and how this psychological impact will translate into factors that influence market dynamics, researchers have tried to apply a number of modelling techniques, including GARCH models, neural network techniques and chaos system theory in an effort to better understand market behaviour.< Less

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