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Ravan's Winter By F.A. Loomis
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Ravan's Winter is Vol. 2 of the Upper Burnt Ruby Creek Trilogy. Frank Ravan, the searching hero of Frankie Ravan, Vol. 1, continues his spiritual journey in the Vietnam era, trying to develop a set... More > of values that will endure the surprising tests of friendship, love, family, and death. In Vol. 2 Frank still reveres the sense of beauty that his grandfather pointed to as a guide in life, even as he says farewell to more friends who have succumbed to tragic deaths. There is less humor in Vol. 2 as Frank faces some of his generation's more serious issues such as drugs, sexual infidelity, and war. This is his winter.< Less
Frankie Ravan By F.A. Loomis
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Reading Frankie Ravan is like opening the windows of an Advent calendar; inspired by miniatures, pointillist paintings, and country quilts, the vignettes reveal a rural coming-of-age story full of... More > adventure, delight, superstition, humor, and curiosity. Frankie—eight years old in 1958—grew up in Crawford’s Nook, then on the old Ravan homestead on Upper Burnt Ruby Creek. During this period the mountain community was haunted by memories of untimely death. Frankie enjoyed his life with wonder until an awareness of these deaths entered his experience. He learned relief from the sadness of death when a nearly forgotten ancestor showed him how to look deeply into the beauty of the world. As he looked he sensed the presence of all those who had gone before; and they, too, were watching the world around him, hovering behind and above like vibrant images in frescoes on cathedral ceilings, observing something wondrous about their own and others’ lives.< Less
Blue Duwamish By F.A. Loomis
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International bankers are gathered in New York City at the height of the world debt crisis of the 1980s to chart a course through danger, but one of the lead negotiators for America's top banking... More > consortium turns up a corpse after a night of routine dining, carousing, and reserved indulgence. P.I. Paul Baxton, a studious lover of New York City street history, turns up the suspects and works with all the usual agencies sent to tackle the questionable death. When bureaucrats, spies, and police think they have the operative cornered, Baxton—who journeyed as far as Seattle for clues—nudges an unusual confession as everyone else is hoping to turn up a more promising lead.< Less
East West West East By F.A. Loomis
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A collection of poems from F.A. Loomis about the tensions between urban and rural life and the beauty that connects them. Integrating both worlds can be challenging, but for those who are able these... More > images and ironies will speak with familiarity. The unusual diversity of the poems is the result of many years of work and travel back and forth from the mountains of central Idaho—where the author grew up—and Boston; New Haven; New York; Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Albuquerque; and Seattle. Some of the author's other works include Frankie Ravan, Gold Fork Dreams, Salmon River Lookout, As Long As Life, Blue Duwamish, 60 Minute Stories, The Adventures of Beanie and Larry, and Ladies with Sisu.< Less

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