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Legends of Kids TV - 2 By Garry Vaux
Paperback: $13.06
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Legends of Kids TV 2 is a second volume packed full of interviews with 45 stars from over 50 years of children’s television; writers, presenters, performers, singers, storytellers, voices and... More > those from behind the scenes and from under the desk! It guarantees explosions, monsters, royalty, West End stars, stupid deaths, time-travelling tales, bogies, aliens, funny stories and puppets galore as well as plenty of iconic faces which will have those childhood memories flooding back. All proceeds donated to charity.< Less
Legends of Kids TV By Garry Vaux
Paperback: $10.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
Relive all your yesterdays today. Wallow in the nostalgia of your childhood with this unique book that catches up with the people that could have shaped your childhood whether your favourite was Blue... More > Peter, Fun House, Doctor Who, Rentaghost, Fingerbobs, Jackanory, Wizadora, Tiswas, Basil Brush, Play School, Rainbow and many others!< Less
House Demons By Garry Vaux
eBook (PDF): $4.67
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House Demons will explain all of life’s little mysteries, and guarantees to change the way you view your life forever! Why do you lose your car keys? Why do socks go missing? Why do you forget... More > why you’ve walked into a room, and many more of these day to day puzzles, all thanks to the research of the eccentric Victor Grimble, a former university professor. You can now discover for yourself why a spider makes you forget why you’ve walked into a room, and what The Pencil Ninja, The Nocturnal Plopster, The Sofa Demon, The Remote Removers, The Plug Hole Pixie, The Toaster Terror and many more get up to in your house...and why! HOUSE DEMONS is an illustrated guide to 30 of these invisible demons and monsters, compiled from the professor’s own notes and sketches. Discoveries that will not only offer salvation to the incompetent and the eternally blamed, but also creates new folklore for future generations.< Less
The Best Doctor Who Poems in the Universe By Garry Vaux
eBook (PDF): $5.46
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A unique collection of fans' poetry and artwork celebrating the popular long running science fiction programme that is Doctor Who. Fans from around the globe have submitted poems about the Doctor,... More > the Master, Cybermen, Sarah Jane, Donna Noble, Rose as well as what it's like being a Doctor Who fan – and not forgetting the brave souls who were challenged to mention Raxacoricofallapatorius! So vent the Thermo-buffer, floor the Helmick Regulator and dive headlong into this collection of Doctor Who poetry - a must for any Who fan.< Less

House Demons House Demons By Garry Vaux Paperback:
York City Memoirs York City Memoirs By Garry Vaux Paperback:

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