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Saddle Tramps and Open Highways By Roy Van Westbroek
Paperback: $51.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
(Color Edition of Rubber and Chrome) Saddle Tramps and Open Highways is a travel story of friends sharing the open road riding their Harley Davidson motorcycles through Southwestern America."I... More > gaze across the street and find a building that is starting to catch on fire. People are running towards it and mingle around the structure. The parking lot that I’m standing in is filled with horse trailers and people wearing cowboy hats and boots, they don’t seem a bit concerned with what is going on across the street. Fire and smoke is now blazing through the building’s roof, what should I do? Finally I realize that the place is a barbeque joint and the place is lighting up their smokers and grills. Only in Texas could this happen."< Less
Rubber and Chrome By Roy Van Westbroek
Paperback: $17.70
Prints in 3-5 business days
(Black and White Edition) Rubber and Chrome is a collection of road stories about traveling the open highways in Southwestern America with friends on Harley motorcycles."Traffic comes to a stand... More > still as we reach the Museum Club, hoards of tourists cross the street haphazardly intent on getting the picture of a lifetime, cars honk, loud laughter as revelers sitting on the porch gaze drunkenly at the mass of insanity; an orgy of human cattle soaking in the excitement of the city. When darkness falls, the neon signs cast their magic spells, and it becomes clear why Flagstaff on Route 66 is the iconic city that it is."< Less
Hogs and Highways By Roy Van Westbroek
eBook (PDF): $15.99
Hogs and Highways is a non fiction travel book that motorcyclist and non motorcyclist will relish and find humor in. A husband and wife travel America's iconic roads on their Harleys, their preferred... More > mode of travel to enjoy their freedom,and regain their sanity from a hectic and stressful world. "As we twisted and turned our way through forested valleys and farmland, I thought back on those pioneering days of the Old West when they did this on horse back and those land schooners with no air conditioning. Sometimes when traveling, the slowest pace with time to enjoy nature seems to be the best way to go."< Less
The Immigrant By Roy Van Westbroek
Paperback: $45.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
(Color version) The Immigrant is a non fictional memoir of an aging ordinary man telling his extraordinary tales as a young boy, born in post World War II, Indonesia, relocating to Holland during... More > Indonesia's War of Independence, and coming of age in America during the turbulent Sixties and the Vietnam War Era. "The great hunter had arrived, and in my shorts and tee shirt, barefooted, I would go on the hunt for dangerous game. The hapless birds would mock me with their chatter as I continued to miss them. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my adventures of the big hunter in our tropical paradise." I was young then,full of life,and six years old.< Less

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