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Treasure Trove By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $6.38
Spurred by a Celtic Exhibition, Dee and Trevor go Treasure Hunting with Trevor's granddad's Metal Detector and guidance at Willowtree Farm. They find a cache of coins - that vanish by the time the... More > Finds Liaison Officer attends. The farmer is suspected but there's no evidence. Dee and Trevor investigate. The Police get involved and follow Dee's idea of a 'Sting' but move too quickly letting the farmer get away with the evidence. More treasure hunting at Grainger's farm next door see Dee, Trevor and 6 yrs. old Nellie Grainger trapped in flooding cave. Escaping through a nuclear bunker just in time the do more treasure hunt, making finds of Celtic jewellery. The police raid Willowtree Farm but the farmer and his son escape. They crash into a parked police car, are trapped unconscious and the vehicle catches fire. Dee and Trevor try to pull them free but it takes Dee's stronger Dad to succeed. They find the stolen coins in the car.< Less
Treasure Trove By Eric Brady
Paperback: $8.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
Dee and Trevor (13 year old Investigative Reporters) go treasure hunting and when their find of Celtic coins disappear overnight, they suspect the farmer whose land they are on, so decide to... More > investigate. They include Our Bunch, Dee's group of close school friends, in this. The police become involved, setting up a 'Sting' operation, but fail to trap the farmer. Dee and Trevor are asked by Nellie Grainger (6 yrs.) the daughter of a neighbouring farmer to check what she calls a 'Goblins Grotto'. The ground collapses under them plunging them into a cave system. Being in danger of drowning from the cave beginning to flood, they manage to escape into an underground Cold War headquarters bunker. Asked to be nearby when the police raid the farmer's property they see him escaping and follow. His getaway car crashes and catches fire. They are first on hand and have to rescue the farmer and his son. With the co-operation of a neighbouring farmer a Visitor Centre is established for the Celtic Settlement.< Less
Missing By Eric Brady
Paperback: $15.08
Prints in 3-5 business days
When people go missing from the Tenderfoot Trail in rural USA, it sparks FBI and Pentagon Security involvement. They become aware it's happening worldwide and often a blue beam from satellites is... More > involved. No evidence can be found against any nation - so thoughts turn to Alien involvement. But no traces of them can be found. Then some of the Missing are returned - infected with a deadly disease that becomes pandemic. Then chasing after two children running away from a school trip, Jane Sanders their teacher has to go onto the Tenderfoot Trail - and is Abducted. Deputy Sheriff Jason Phillips, involved in the first investigations and Jane's fiancé, suggest he be 'kitted up', walk the Tenderfoot Trail and if he is Abducted he might find Jane or at least get information about the Abductors back to Earth. If they can't be rescued for Earth to 'nuke' where the Abductors are. He finds Jane and the discoveries they make change everything.< Less
Synchronised Terror By Eric Brady
Paperback: $19.43
Prints in 3-5 business days
Inside Russia an anti-Western cabal organises co-ordinated terror strikes against the UK and the US using extremist groups, criminal gangs and 'Sleeper' Agents, culminating these with 'suitcase'... More > nuclear weapons to explode in London, Washington, New York and Florida. A remnant of a damaged CD could hold vital clues - if it can be deciphered. . It takes the wizardry of Jack Stirling and Homer Talbot, computer experts to unravel the clues in the CD. But double-dealing and obstructions by top level politicians complicate the lethal mix. Can the locations of the suitcase nuclear bombs be found in time for them to be disarmed and World War 3 averted?< Less

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