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The Irony of Love, Premarital And Extramarital Relationships By Baruch Silas
eBook (PDF): $6.49
This book will definitely change your perception of love and your love life. It helps you: Educate yourself about what you want and need from the opposite sex and how to get it. Avoid... More > relationships with emotionally unhealthy persons and end dead-end relationships forever. Learn the power of self-worth and improve your self-esteem Learn how to build the most valuable and attractive personality Learn about the symbols of fake love and how to avoid them Increase your chances of meeting your soul mate and find real love Educate yourself on the dangers of premarital and extramarital relationships and cohabitation Read and learn from the life confessions and experiences of those who have been in and out of love. Learn the practical steps to break free from illicit premarital and extramarital sexual relationships Learn the simple steps to zip up until marriage< Less
The Secret of Supernatural Power, Deliverance And Prosperity By Baruch Silas
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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This book will change your life and situation even if you doubt it. It reveals the secret on how to acquire supernatural authority and transform a sinful life to a life of power and purity; business... More > failure to business progress; academic struggle to academic excellence; marital spell and troubles to marital bliss; childlessness to fruitfulness; protracted sickness to permanent healing; curses, jinxes and hexes to blessings, goodness and prosperity.< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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This book is those who want to study abroad but lack the finance to sponsor their studies at any level. It contains over 100 Sponsorship opportunities for International Students to study in America,... More > Europe, Asia, Caribbean, Australia, and Africa. It has the full details on contact, application process, duration and value of award, programmes tenable and contact person. It sets the guidelines on financing your studies overseas and why you should gain an international Degree.< Less
Breaking The Hold of Self Slavery By Baruch Silas
eBook (PDF): $5.50
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Almost everyone desires greatness and long life but very few know how to get the key to them. Breaking free from any bondage is very difficult when one doesn’t know he is in bondage, why and... More > how to escape. As long as one enjoys his chains, he can’t make effort to break free. The one in bondage has only two choices: remain in bondage by engaging in Satan’s gratification or fight to break free and enjoy the sustainable life of freedom and peace given by the Ultimate Source. The writer, therefore, introduces the concept and practice of traveling on the highway of holiness to acquire the power to success, long life and abundance. This divine principle supports the popular parlance that heaven helps those who help themselves. Life and events in the physical is determined in the supernatural realm. This book reveals the indisputable principles that guarantee greatness, abundance, self discovery and long life.< Less

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