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The Carpenter of Nazareth paper By Dr. Matthew Price, Dr. Matthew Price
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A young carpenter engaged to be married must make the desicion of a lifetime amid a changing society that is as deadly as it is unforgiving. Matt Price, PhD in Theology takes you on a journey back to... More > the time just before and during the birth of Jesus Christ. Dr. Price gathers all of the Gospels and combines them with his years of study to give the reader a more clear picture of the events and person's surrounding the birth of Christ. Come along on the adventure with the three wise magi triplets who are direct descendents and namesakes of the three Hebrew children who were tossed into the fire. Be facinated and appalled by the syphlitic and tyrannical King Herod who will stop at nothing to make sure he is the only king of the Jews. Marval at the humble daughter of Israel who will strive only to be pleasing to her God - even if it means her disgrace and death. Identify with a young master carpenter who by faith takes on the task of raising the Son of God.< Less