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Death and Desire by Fate By Allyson Zuidema
eBook (PDF): $9.62
Destiny of two is here etched in stone, Fate for them set, their name yet unknown. A man and a woman, the futures secure, Neither Death nor Desire their course can deture. Imagine that you woke up... More > one morning to discover that you weren't who you'd always thought you were, that you were actually born in another world for a specific purpose that would lead you back to that world to fulfill it. Your fate has been set and and with it, the rest of you life. So it is for nineteen years old Kayelae. It's a rude awakening for her, but even more so for the man fated to be her other half. Kaiba has sworn to himself that he will not rest until she is dead; now he must choose a side that will change his life forever. The fate of a universe rests on their shoulders.< Less
A Thing Called Fate By Allyson Zuidema
eBook (PDF): $7.74
Words like "fate" and "destiny" sound hokey or cheap in every day conversation, but what if you were forced into a world where the rest of your life was controlled by them? What... More > if you suddenly found out that you had been selected from before your birth to save the world? What if you the world you'd spent your life in really wasn't your world at all? This is what young Kayelae must deal with when she leaves the world she called home for the final time to save the world she left behind in infancy. It is in this world, Charis, that she meets the man chosen to be her partner long before his birth, a man who has absolutely no desire to help her. in fact, what he wants is the very opposite: to destroy the Prophesy that seeks to govern him. And when he has a sudden change of heart, can she trust him? Can she really trust anyone, especially the handsome assassin claiming to be her brother? And when even fate is destroyed, will any of them survive?< Less
Operation "Hot Fuzz" By Allyson Zuidema & Samuel Gravelle
Paperback: $8.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
“At the cost of four men, two are saved; rescued from the deepest parts of enemy territory. Though the numbers don’t add up, it is a duty of every soldier to never to leave a brother in... More > combat behind. And we didn’t. We brought our brothers home.”< Less
Embers By Allyson Zuidema
Paperback: $19.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
Destiny of two, here etched in stone Fate for hem set, their names yet unknown. A man and a woman, path to the future secure, Neither death nor desire their course can deture. What would you do if... More > you discovered yourself in a world where the rest of your life is scripted by Fate, but somebody forgot to get you your lines? That's what Kayelae must deal with as she and a friend are pulled into a strange world -- the world of her birth. Now she finds herself trapped among those who depend on her for their lives and those who only wish to take her life. Can she fulfill her quest when the man destined to help her has sworn never to rest until she is dead? And can she trust the handsome young assassin who claims to be her brother? When even Fate collapses under her, only love, trust and loyalty can pull them through.< Less

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