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Eden By James Phillips
eBook (PDF): $11.22
A commercial pilot regularly flies the air routes out of "naughty" Singapore; and all it's fleshpots; to all the islands around the Pacific. On one such trip, The Japanese invade the island... More > he has landed at, and his aircraft is destroyed. He escapes the Japanese, but his co-pilot and best friend who owns the airfield/ village store/ bar restaurant are killed. After finding a small fishing boat to escape in; he has to knock out a nun who wishes to stay and be a martyr to death for her church. So over the next 4 months on the fishing boat, she is livid that this stupid pilot has foiled her destiny of martyrdom. After many adventures they fall in love and are rescued by a US Navy submarine from Brisbane Australia. They marry and start a new airline in Australia naming their aircraft after saints.< Less
Canning Town By James Phillips
eBook (PDF): $11.22
A young man from a poor "Projects local authority" housing estate gains a job as an air force pilot, but due to defence budget cuts the job offer is cancelled. He then can't get another job... More > and a friend on the housing estate gives his name to a local Gangster who interviews him. The poor boy joins the Gangster and they get along well and he reorganises the local gangster's team and more; when the gangster has an unfortunate accident. The clever new boy gangster then helps the big London "Smoke's" Gangsters to become organised and they then ruthlessly but cleverly, control the endemic corrupt Police and always cash hungry Politicians. His love of his local authority -projects housing estate "princess", goes on to eternity.< Less
Cuba Libre - Version 2 By James Phillips
eBook (PDF): $11.22
Two young Cubans fall in love whilst working in a cigar factory in the murdering, corrupt Batista and US Mafia run Cuba of the 1950's. Gradually they are forced with their families to join The... More > Freedom Fighters in The Sierra Madres mountains to fight for survival and freedom in Cuba. Incredibly they fight and overthrow the corrupt Cuban and US Mafia Cuban Government and build a new Cuba for all people. They become doctors in the new Cuba and raise a family at peace.< Less
1G - 6T Part -2 By James Phillips
eBook (PDF): $11.22
This is the second book in the 3 book trilogy of an air force pilot being transfered into the Police and coming to terms with all the corruption and poor performance; with his attempts to make the... More > Police as good as the air force. In this book he goes from University and Inspector to become a Regional Police Chief. His love for his wife continues and they raise a family and a golden labrador. He loves his job, but it has a dark side to it; and he is shot on patrol which nearly breaks his darling wife's heart. His millionaire friend goes crackers because he is relying on Greg taking over his business empire gradually.< Less

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