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Life of St. Columba By Phillip Campbell
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St. Columba of Iona (521-597) was exiled from Ireland as a young monk for his part in the Battle of Cúl Dreimhne, St. Columba removed himself and a few loyal monks to the island of Iona in... More > Scotland's Inner Hebrides. From his Abbey at Iona he spent decades spreading the faith among the pagan Gaels and Picts of Scotland, a labor that earned him the title "Apostle of Scotland." His hagiography, the Vita Columbae, was compiled in the 7th century by his successor, St. Adomnán. This new edition of the Vita Columbae contains the complete biography of Adomnán (updated with historical footnotes), an appendix of all the hymns and prayers attributed to St. Columba, and two original introductory essays on the life and times of Columba and the genius of Irish Catholicism, making this volume a must have for any student of Irish Catholicism's golden age.< Less
The Rending of Christendom: A Primary Document Catholic Study Guide By Phillip Campbell
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From ancient Greece until the early 20th century, the study of history consisted in reading primary sources: documents written first-hand by persons involved in historical events. This reliance on... More > primary sources was abandoned at the dawn of the 20th century by educational ‘reformers’ who pushed learning by textbook instead - with the result that most students now have no contact with the great documents of the past. In The Rending of Christendom, Phillip Campbell takes us back to the classical primary source method. The persons and events of the Reformation era are brought into vivid relief with twenty-three primary source documents. Featuring biographies, theological treatises, papal bulls and polemics from the towering figures of the 16th and 17th centuries, the Rending of Christendom sourcebook immerses the student in the controversies of the period to learn its history first hand from those who were there. Contains readings and study questions, intended for ages 14-18. Answer key sold separately.< Less
The Rending of Christendom: Answer Key By Phillip Campbell
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This 17 page booklet is the Answer Key that goes with "The Rending of Christendom: Primary Document Catholic Study Guide" by Phillip Campbell (Cruachan Hill Press, 2015). For more Catholic... More > books and resources, visit and< Less
Paladologies By Phillip Campbell
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Paladologies, the long-awaited sequel to Tale of Manaeth, picks up two years after the departure of the great Queen of Asylia and traces the fortunes of Manissa's family through the drama of the... More > centuries. Despite inheriting a unified and powerful kingdom, the sons of Manissa find themselves increasingly the objects of scorn by an entrenched nobility that wants nothing to do with their house, or the mysterious powers that flow in their veins. Punctuated with episodes of glory, tragedy, romance and even comedy, Paladologies carries the reader through the dizzying and often violent series of events that bring the house of Manissa from disinheritance and despair to a final restoration and redemption. Those who loved Tale of Manaeth will find Paladologies both a satisfying sequel and an excellent book in its own right. This book is not for the faint at heart; do you have what it takes?< Less