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Once A Day Scrub By Ricky Garni
Paperback: $12.00
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A collection of several hundred (who's counting?) super brief works that fall somewhere between the essay and the ditty, as unregulated and ambiguous as not only its chosen title, but its unchosen... More > titles as well, including but not limited to BUBBLE WRAP ABS, NEITHER BUTTER NOR MILK and THE PINKY EMBRACE. Then the committee settled, finally, and most likely for good, and here we have it, THE SCRUB: "They told me that they will always freshly smoke their pork for their barbecue sandwiches, but the last time I went there, the restaurant was gone and there was a vacant field with a bunch of birds in it that were singing" - I write and then I just keep walking. It is almost like being in the woods, with leaves.< Less
Divisive Potatoes By Ricky Garni
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I grew up in the perfect era (ca 1950's late through '60's) when aliens just seemed like goodness and you could see this goodness on fuzzy black and white TVs upstairs in the guest room while Mom and... More > Dad enjoyed let's say a pleasant highball and a chat. This goodness and this goodness alone (well, with a tiny bit of badness, as with a highball) is what I try to achieve in the poems contained here: lighter than air, crisp and refreshing, salty and snacky, jibberish plus liverish but gravitas-y too with meaning and good cheer and a thought that is not always passing but upon occasion will. (Note: this book is dedicated to the Billboard Top Hundred Songs of 1971: listing included herein. In such a year as this, even #100 is a keeper.)< Less
A Concerned Party Meets A Person Of Interest By Ricky Garni
Paperback: $29.99
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My first collection to be written in first draft with typewriters only. I recommend it, and with great enthusiasm, and with this I offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to the designers and makers of... More > yesteryear's Royal, Groma, Smith Corona, Olympia, Olivetti, Rheinmetall, Voss, Erika, Triumph, and RC Allen typewriters, whose fleet of finger joywork machinery made dull work less plain and often both sweet and tangy.< Less
A Party Meets A Person By Ricky Garni
Paperback: $14.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
A PARTY MEETS A PERSON is a loving extract from this year's very long A CONCERNED PARTY MEETS A PERSON OF INTEREST. Extreme care and diligence were exercised in carefully selecting and curating the... More > original extant text and rendering a volume that was more suitable for an evening's read as well as more easily transportable. The editors do hope you enjoy this final, lean rendering very much and recommend it to your friends and family and also that you do not miss too much anything that was omitted because if it was it really was probably all for the best and at this point there is really nothing that can be done about it. A thousand apologies. Love, Team Wing Ding< Less

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