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NEW TO THIS SITE? START HERE. Click on the page pictured to the left of this title, and once the link opens, click on the picture a second time to read it. That publication, titled "HOW" will show you the next step. By A.N. Onymous
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Part Two, coming later when I find the time, will use an animated presentation that will show you how to make the most of this site. For example: How to submit your short story version of my... More > unfinished novel for publication in the sequels, how to participate in the Chalk-Walk and post the pictures and results of your work, and how to find the clues to my identity that are hidden throughout this site, the book, and beyond. Download the free material offered on the following pages for a sneak peak at some material about and in the book. Once there, just click "Add to cart" to start the process. NO CHARGE! I must warn you though, that this project is for those that wish to make a difference and are willing to give a little to get something in return. Large slow downloads were left large in order to weed out the casual viewer, and to give the patient and willing all of the rewards. There are plenty of opportunies for interaction on the main page and some of the other sites for everyone else. A.N.O.< Less
Upcoming eBay auction material as seen in Issue #41 of the Xscape Pod Press Periodical at By A.N. Onymous
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This is the rough draft of the literary rights auction that was taken from us and published at No harm done though, as I believe that it describes much of the project in... More > greater detail than time has allowed me to go into here on I will publish it here too, for that very reason. Enough said, take a look for yourself.< Less
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Write the sequel, Jeshrub - What Happened? 1: Read the rough outline, original chapter excerpts, and the different endings of Jeshrub - The Book of Columns. This information first appeared in the... More > included, unedited, "First Contact" letter sent to a literary agent that had promised to send back, at the very least, a personal critique of the work. 2: Then write your own short story that uses this controversial factual/fiction political premise to express your own unique perspective of our current situation and where it is leading us as a nation and as a species. 3: All of the stories submitted that meet the "presentable" requirement will be published in the sequel, immediately as an independent piece, and then again at the end of this year as a chapter in the book. Only then will the full story be told.< Less
Sorry I took so long brothers and sisters, but if we use the remaining days leading up to the Nov. 2nd election wisely, we can still strike a blow for Mother Earth that will cripple the corrupt. Stop, read now, for you will most definitely hear of it later By A.N. Onymous
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This unique call to action is wrapped around a foreboding factual fiction novel with the future of our very existence hidden deep in its core. It's H.O'T. there. That is the first clue to my... More > identity. Make a note of it and refer to it later, as it will help lead you to my doorstep, where the first to arrive will receive the riches that this "real" literary treasure hunt has to offer. Along the way, I hope to give you a few things to think about. Jeshrub - The Book of Columns, A work of Providence, Written by A.N.Onymous will finally be here in just a matter of weeks. Some of you have been waiting almost a year now, but it has not been a simple matter to construct the untraceable underground network, compile all of the necessary material, and research the specific legal issues related to these unique acts of passion and purpose. The latter has not had its share of the attention yet, so wish me luck! This is the end of a long search for the meaning of my life. I am home now, and I am on a mission.< Less

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