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British Serial Killers - Part One By Phillip Jones
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The first part of a two part book project, British Serial Killers looks at a number of Britain’s most infamous murderers, including those who are generally categorised as being... More > “Spree” killers including the likes of Gordon Frederick Cummins, Michael Ryan, Thomas Hamilton, and Derrick Bird. Also featured are “Team” killers such as Amelia Sachs and Annie Walters, Burke and Hare, Brady and Hindley, Fred and Rosemary West, as well as John Duffy and David Mulcahy. The final group of killers featured in this first book are those who are deemed to be “Profit” killers, including the likes of Doctor William Palmer, Mary Ann Cotton, Amelia Dyer and Jeremy Bamber, all of whom were convicted of killing family, friends and associates purely for financial gain.< Less
An Illustrated History Of Chester By Phillip Jones
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The history of the city of Chester is so much more than the occupying Roman Legions and the walled fortress that they built on a sandstone outcrop overlooking the River Dee. This book investigates... More > the very earliest settlement of the site prior to the Roman invasion, as well as looking at the various periods of settlement, notable characters and important events that have helped to shape the city that stands today.< Less
Mariners, Merchants And The Military Too By Phillip Jones
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Reportedly the largest Empire that has ever existed throughout human history, at its height the British Empire was reported to have ruled over some four hundred and fifty millions subjects, a quarter... More > of the world’s population at the beginning of the 20th century and controlled an estimated thirteen million square miles of territory, around 25% of the world’s total land surface. This five hundred page project, tries to take a balanced view of Britain’s vast imperial possessions, how they were acquired, how they were lost and their histories, since they gained independence. The publication attempts to take a specific look at some of the more troubling aspects of the Empires past, including those dealing with the Troubles in Ireland, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Indian Subcontinent, the European Scramble for Africa, as well as the numerous wars and battles that such imperial expansionism created.< Less
Building Chester By Phillip Jones
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For a stranger to Chester, the opportunity to explore the streets and buildings of a 2000 year old city, must promise much to the first time visitor. The presence of its almost intact circuit of... More > medieval defensive walls, its many early churches, world famous shopping rows and its overtly historic character, all suggest a place that has its foundations in much more ancient times. However, the architecture of modern day Chester can be deceptive, with many buildings appearing to much older than they actually are, being designed by a small group of leading regional architects who combined to create what is commonly referred to as the Chester "Look", a mixture a half timbered vernacular buildings and classically inspired facades, both of which hark back to more ancient days. This book attempts to identify and explain the various histories of many of Chester's landmark sites and buildings, who built them, owned them and what purpose did they serve. within its 224 pages< Less

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