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Reclusive 2038 By Christine Soltis
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In this fiction work, imagine a future world as it reaches depletion of natural resources. The majority of the world lives in gated ‘safe communities.’ Advanced technology occupies the... More > time of those who once played outside. Welcome to the future. Welcome to Reclusive 2038. Daylight hours are restricted, forcing people to become reclusive. Within this tale, regulatory measures have been taken to sustain natural capital from depletion. A single corporation houses, feeds and works the people, supplying them their daily needs. When main character Linda Taggart’s depressed brother ends his life, he leaves behind strange diagrams with no explanation. Through a chance encounter, Linda leaves her gated life to live in the chaotic world with the wealthy ones outside of the gates, known as Elitists. Here, she cracks the code of the strange diagrams just as she realizes how restricted she once was.< Less
Thirty By Christine Soltis
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Let’s face it; the age of thirty is a big worry for men and women alike. It is a time where all of us question our paths, pasts and destinations. In this comedic and tragic tale, our main... More > character, author Violet Errid, yearns to have the normalcy, the freedom of her pre-fame life. She wants to re-awaken and unleash the youthfulness within her. Violet sets off on a trip to Arizona…completely alone. As she waltzes into a more adventurous world, she strives to keep her celebrity identity a secret. Thirty offers female readers an adventurous escape, as we follow Violet through humorous, angry, elated and painful stages. While in Arizona, a mixture of joy, independence and anxiety wind a web, inevitably leading her to find love. But in the blink of an eye, her abduction by a human trafficking ring shows her the temporary torment of what it is like to be inside a fiction story. Copyright © 2011< Less
Pathways to the Maze By Christine Soltis
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Venture into this diverse book of poetry to find yourself face to face with the sorrow, lost love and the metaphorical ghosts which haunt the inner soul. This first poetic edition features a mixed... More > selection of subjects and styles of poems created between the years of 2005-2008. Scenic photo additions allow you to escape into different territories while offering suggestions towards finding the right pathway. “Inside, there is a maze, leading out, starting at the center. Each pathway takes you into a hidden room- a black corner of un-repented pain, sorrow hidden so deep, so well....” Excerpt from Maze. Poetic Verses Of Christine Soltis Copyright © 2008 First Edition< Less
The Darkest Alleyway By Christine Soltis
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The Darkest Alleyway is a compilation of beginning, experimental verses by Christine Soltis. The very first one, Mother Nature in Distress, is credited as the jump-starter of her writing career. ... More > Many of the verses were written within the flawed confines of youth and are depictions of the rebel in us all. Sorrow, greed, indecision and unexpected humor are frequently encountered. Below are excerpts, which exemplify the diversity within. "A desert lies beneath her eyes, A lone cactus withers and dies..." -Excerpt from Mother Nature in Distress “A woman's wrath. A power beyond her word. Take from her what she loves, take what she cares for, take her name and you've committed yourself to the torture to come. You cannot take every time...” –Excerpt From Wrath “A cow mooed around, happily. He talked to his friends, filled with glee. He stopped by a fence to chew some grass. As he looked up, a bird pooped on his ass...” –Excerpt from The Cow Copyright © 2010< Less