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Jake Murdock, Bounty Hunter By J.E. Terrall
Paperback: $10.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Men became bounty hunters for a number of reasons. For some it the money, some to show the world, at least their part of the world, how tough they were, and still others it was to help bring justice... More > to the Fronter where laws and court were few and far between. Most bounty hunters were good trackers and hunters, and often loners. Bounty hunters often did not live long. If they built a reputation as a gunfrighter, or by being good at their job of bringing the lawless to justice, they often became a target for someone who wanted to make a reputation for himself by killing the bounty hunter, or to prevent the bounty hunter from doing his job. Jake Murdock, Bounty Hunter is the story of a young man who didn't start out to be a bounty hunter, but seeking revenge for the ruthless killing of his parents turned him into someone who would seek those who broke the law in order to bring them to justice.< Less
I Can See Clearly By J.E. Terrall
Paperback: $10.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
To look at Kandace Clarke, one would never know she was blind. She stood tall and carried herself well. Many men had admired her figure, her smooth complection and the soft shine of her shoulder... More > length hair. Her Seeing Eye Dog, Chester, guided her safely along the sidewalk. The two of them moved as one, except today. Kandace was found bruised and beaten by muggers on a street in the Old Town District of Fort Collins by Jason Barrett, a police detective in Fort Collins. Chester had been seriously injured trying to protect his master. The search for Kandace’s attackers led Jason to the back alleys of Fort Collins where he found an old woman who had discovered Kandace's briefcase. The clues led Jason to a bar that was used as a hideout by one of the muggers. It was discovered that the muggers were trying to find Kandace to kill her so that she could not identify them, Jason hid Kandace in his apartment. During his time, he came to see clearly the strength of this courageous woman.< Less
The Valley Ranch War By J.E. Terrall
eBook (ePub): $5.00
Having just turned sixteen, Susan Farnsworth gathered her meager belongings then stepped out into an unfamiliar world. Standing in front of the orphanage, it frightened her to know she could not... More > turn around and go back inside, and for the first time she was all alone. With few options and little hope, she became a mail order bride with the help of a friend. After a year of writing back and forth to a man who lived in the Black Hills in the Dakota Territory, she agreed to marry him and become Mrs. Jacob McDonald. She then traveled west to join him. Shortly after their marriage, Jacob was murdered by a rancher who wanted the valley where their ranch was located. Having no place to go, Susan refused to leave the only place she could call home. There was little hope of keeping the valley ranch until a stranger showed up in front of her cabin. The Valley Ranch War is the story of a young woman, how she became a mail order bride and the trials she endured before true happiness came into her life.< Less

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