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PALE MOON RISING By Curtis D. Bennett
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“PALE MOON RISING,” is about Marine combat flying in 1968 Vietnam. Why poetry? Flying is poetry in a blending of man and machine with nature, far above the earth in an environment as... More > harsh, merciless, and unforgiving as it is beautiful. War is brutal, harsh, merciless, ruthless, and final. But in War, Pilots bring their steel machines to life and launch up into the unknown. Together, they streak the vast, silent spaces of clear, blue, icy air. They turn hard, wheel, dive down and drop their bombs, then pull up again and perhaps, roll upside down. Afterwards they coax their steeds back to land, even though they might be shot full of holes and bleeding liquids, whereas a true military mind, may dictate a fast ejection. This is the spirit of combat flight; the dangerous experience which one cannot train for, nor can it be taught; it can only be experienced. If you ever wondered what it was truly like to fly in combat, after this book, perhaps, you will...understand.< Less
HARVEST MOON By Curtis D. Bennett
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HARVEST MOON is about coming home from Vietnam and trying to find out who you have become and if you can fit back into a society who thinks you are a piece of shit. Not one Congressman or Senator... More > lost a son in Vietnam. A war for nothing more than Politicians Pride and Presidential ego. Most of this book originated in the 70’s, as a way to expunge some of the toxic karma I carried back then as did most returning Vietnam Veterans. It remained tucked away in an old trunk until recently, when I dug it out and decided to publish it. The kids who fought in Vietnam were the same ilk as those protesting on the streets in America. The difference, they were drafted. 58,000 of them never came home from an unforgivable war orchestrated by our own Government. This book is about those who came home and how they were so disgracefully treated by an ungrateful nation.< Less
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Excerpts of Journals by Jill, about life, living, raising kids, dealing with parents, and trying to find yourself as life's journey passes all too swiftly. These journals were compiled following her... More > death in 2008.< Less
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Dealing with the death of your spouse/best friend is the most heart-wrenching, overwhelming experience of any person's life..EVER! After 30 years together, the author lost his wife, his best friend... More > and soul-mate. The process of dealing with this loss, pain, stress, agony, sorrow and bewilderment is chronicled, While wondering how to begin to start over, or whether to even try. It is brutally honest, and does not mince words or thoughts, even conversations with God, who is not the author's favorite deity based on past performance. Anyone who has gone through this tragedy will understand; those who have not, this may prepare you to deal with the process of picking up the pieces of your life again in your life after death. This is not easy nor simple but it can be done and this book may help. For one day you will have to deal with the death of someone you love as we all must. Nobody gets out of this alive.< Less

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