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The Unending Hall By michaelDEEHouse HOUSE
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Unending Hall is about 4 college students tired of school. They leave Garrison dorm, a hustling Christian college, and fly to the Middle East, chasing a terrorist. In the chase, the dudes wind up in... More > a hall that never ends. They walk four hours and come upon a table with a fixed meal. It happens every four hours. There's no way this is happening. It's just a hall. They sleep and get up and walk, walk, walk, before they eat. Walk, walk, walk....< Less
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TO SEEA BROTHER'S BLOOD is about nerd Leonard Brooks, who victors over the nation with his GPA. Leonard is also utmost troubled by high school dropouts Dad John and brother Ben, conniving Mom Sarah,... More > and the punks he goes to school with. Nick Tenser, a punk, gets the girl Leonard has a crush on to invite him to the courts. And he jumps him there. Leonard's brother Ben protects him and goes to jail. In the end, Leonard winds up running from the law before he becomes President Bush's cohort.< Less
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ONCE IN LIFETIME is a book about kind men trying to live life. But they have mean wives. ONCE IN LIFETIME carries you through the comical maze of marriage. Why the husbands stay with the vile ladies... More > is beyond anybody's guess. The book, ONCE IN LIFETIME, is written by 33m virgin Michael House, who is waiting for the right one. He gave up. So now he's sold out to writing. Pray all his books are best sellers. And that he lives till Jesus' return, which is very near.< Less
Teamwork By michaelDEEHouse HOUSE
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FOREWORD A group of teen boys play ball everyday. Screams are heard. They look in a neighbor’s window and find something. It leads to developing a plan. They practice... More > and successfully apprehend the suspect. Then they find corpses. That kicks off their billion dollar career as bounty hunters. 218 pages 81,793 words< Less

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