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Multidimensional Management By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $33.96
There is a long story, registered in our libraries, about how professionals from all kind of disciplines, did write and research about human behavior in relation to business and organization.... More > Collaboration and communication, self-management, human potentiality, management, leadership, cultural, human and environmental costs, time planning, decision and resources management, multidisciplinary work, quality..... Everyone looked up for a new integral solution. Why? What means the human factor challenge? My goal writing this book, is to suggest new questions in relation to human factor and collaboration. As well, to introduce solutions: methods, strategies, techniques, culture, guidelines, vision, that could bring to our organizations know how not used until now regards the importance of the human factor and its costs for the organization.< Less
Sensory-Bodypainting 13-Moon Year Calendar By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $11.37
The Lifestyle Travel & Sensory Arts 13 Moon Calendar 2009-2010 „Co-creating beyond the river of time“ is a 13-Moon & 14-days time TRAVEL planner with a... More > free-co-creative-time-space for signs, simboles & arquetypes synchonized with to-day. This calendar will help you: * Organize your time, plann it, synchronize it, synthonized. * Coordinate yourself and your time with your inner heart beat! * Co-create with the events along your life: with time! * Access the symboles, arquetypes and signs of your inner trip-in-time to-day! * Enjoy the trip of the one you are with all arquetypes you want to play or discover: the hero, gardner, warrior, magician, lover, traveler, artist, god-goddess, king-queen, healer, builder-constructor, crystal, gold or indigo. * Use 14 days for a tunning week and 28-days for a tunning month. (for advanced time-travelers), or just one week of 7 days at each page ( for time travel-newbies)< Less
Lifestyle Traveler By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $33.96
This collection is an invitation to join me along my trips and self-discovery adventure, to travel with earth among this universe full of mysteries only visible for lifestyle travelers. I am Luis... More > Daniel Maldonado Fonken, lifestyle traveler, author & artist. I share a dream and intent with all lifestyle travelers: Travel Culture members will share one day a free land: „The traveling earth“. The following documents describe many of the states of mind and traveling that represents the life of a lifestyle traveler archetype: the roles, adventures, changes, transformations, questions.< Less
Attitude & Phylosophy By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $15.14
This text is dedicated to all lifestyle travelers i met and i will meet, to all lifestyle travelers that are free and live for inner freedom! To meet you in our next gathering beyond the stars, to... More > celebrate where the next the trip-beggins!For a long life living abroad traveling! For a travel culture that exist since the beggining beyond limits or rules!For every traveler door, for every traveling people, of all universes! For every lonely traveler,that find him/herself along the final trip of breathing!For every lover traveler, that discover joy, in the instant of true-love beyond limits!For every hidden land of travelers, that keep the seeds, the nectar and the water of long life traveling.For every traveler warrior that discovers the nature of the true traveler and realize the reality of the ultimate travel!< Less

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