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Star Base III The Adventure Begins By Robert Marquiss
eBook (PDF): $6.20
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Captain Morgan is ordered by the Admiral of Star Base III to take on a perilous mission to save another ship, the Orion, her crew, and the vital data she carries for Star Base III. The Orion had been... More > attacked by Zadak Hawk Battle Cruisers. Severely damaged, she escaped and hid in a nebula, where she waited for help. Morgan knew there was no time to lose in saving her. The fastest way to reach her was through a section of the galaxy that no one dared to tread. On his way to rescue the Orion he learns that she has surrendered and also that his estranged daughter is part of the crew on that ship. Now more than ever he wants them both back. The fight begins.< Less
Above The Moon By Robert Marquiss
eBook (PDF): $3.75
It’s the year 1963 and a Martian space ship crash lands on Earth. The wreckage indicated that it had been in a battle. It also had the technical information and components needed for human... More > hibernation in space. A recon mission was ordered to discover what threat these beings actually were. The men trained for years on the equipment developed to carry out the mission. The moon launch was used as a cover up for the Mars mission. Both were launched at exactly the same time. The recon team discovered a race of beings far worse than they originally thought they would encounter< Less
Three For The Clouds By Robert Marquiss
eBook (PDF): $6.25
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Captain Masters is on the move, September 1942, in the Pacific, deep in enemy territory. These were desperate times needing desperate measures. Men were cast in the throes of battle against a very... More > well trained and formidable opponent, hoping to come out alive. After an arduous bombing raid that dealt heavy losses, Masters and his two other pilots were on their way home; they found they had no place to go their carrier was sunk. Thinking quickly, Captain Masters devises a plan to make a 1500 mile trek through enemy territory to Australia.< Less
Captain Hawk By Robert Marquiss
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Early 18th Century. The Legend of Captain Hawk. The colonies of the New World are emerging. The fate of these continents and islands lay within the outcomes of the conflicts between the European... More > countries and the pirates that sailed the seas. A Legend of the treasure of the Knights Templar was kept secret and only known by a few. In a stockade Captain Hawk is waiting to be hung. Thus our story unfolds.< Less

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