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An Alternative Way of Managing Health & Safety By Jose D. Pérezgonzález
eBook (PDF): $26.68
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“An Alternative Way of Managing Health & Safety” offers the theoretical frame of a generic systems model for the management of health, safety and related topics. It represents a step... More > forward from previous theoretical and empirical work (e.g. Pérezgonzález, 2005a, b), and has the following main features: it proposes a theoretical formulation of a generic Health and Safety Management System for most industrial and service sectors, it offers clear graphic lines of influence of the different components in the Health and Safety Management System on organisational health and safety, it reviews and updates Pérezgonzález’s theoretical and graphical model, and, finally, it reviews and edits the text layout so that it now describes an integrated Health and Safety Management System instead of a research objective.< Less
A Review of the Auditing System Proposed by EASA Part-145 By Jose D. Pérezgonzález
eBook (PDF): $1.00
[This paper can also be found as part of the Journal of Knowledge Advancement & Integration at]. An auditing system plays a critical role in capturing and correcting... More > risks; thus, they are necessary to manage the airworthiness and safety of an aircraft. This article has two main intentions: to conduct a critical review of the quality system proposed by EASA by comparing it with a prototypical audit management system, and to offer guidance for new requirements for an effective audit management system.< Less
Book Review: The Southwest Airlines Way By Jose D. Pérezgonzález
eBook (PDF): $1.00
[This paper can also be found as part of the Journal of Knowledge Advancement & Integration at]. Gittell's book synthesises an eight-year research work done by the author... More > on four American airlines, although the focus is on Southwest Airlines as it showed distinctive practices which form the antecedent variables of a model of relational coordination. “The Southwest Airlines Way” is more than a case study on Southwest Airlines. It is also an important reference for future research on the topic of relational coordination beyond the airline’s sector, as the book already provides the tools for such future research (i.e. model, methodology and results). This future research, if respecting the methodology and procedures followed by Gittell, will inform further about the validity of the model and its importance for a wider range of organisations.< Less
Knowledge Management Edition™ guide to Surowiecky's book The Wisdom of Crowds By Jose D. Pérezgonzález
eBook (PDF): $1.25
A Knowledge Management Edition™ offers an improved reading and learning experience to users by pointing out the main ideas in a book. In the case of this 'Knowledge Management Edition™... More > Guide to Surowiecki’s book “The Wisdom of Crowds”', users who apply the instructions here contained will be able to underline/underscore some 13% of the text in their own copies of "The Wisdom of Crowds". This underlined/underscored text represents the main ideas in Surowiecki’s book, at least according to Pérezgonzález. Furthermore, users will be able to highlight some 4% of the text, which represents the core ideas in the book. Having those main ideas so highlighted may help the user to review them at any other time without the need for reading the entire book again. Other relevant readings and learning sources are also provided. This way, users may access good quality websites and books with easy in order to find more information about the "wisdom of crowds".< Less

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