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Coastal Protection By Pile Buck
Paperback: $39.00
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With today’s problems surrounding shoreline protection, this book should be of great assistance. This manual contains a compilation of 2 Navy and 2 Corps manuals all relative to the subject of... More > coastal protection and the affects tidal action has on our shorelines. The titles included are: Coastal Protection is a U.S. Navy publication which deals specifically with waves and their characteristics. In order to prepare safe designs, the normal and extreme waves which will act against the structure must be evaluated so that a design wave can be selected. Pilebuck takes the user through this phase into the application of data to actual design of breakwaters and seawalls. Storm Surge Analysis: High tides and wind-generated waves combine to provide a potential for abnormally high water levels and flooding during hurricanes or other serious storms. An understanding of this phenomena is essential in order to plan control structures or design others.< Less
Mooring Sysyems By Pile Buck
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This book contains background information and procedural guidelines concerning the maintenance of fleet moorings and spare fleet mooring material. This includes mooring installation and recovery... More > procedures, the refurbishing and overhaul of mooring material ashore and afloat, inspection criteria and guidelines, inventory storage criteria, and the utilization of cathodic protection systems to effectively reduce the corrosion rate of mooring material.< Less
Soil Mechanics Vol.1 By Pile Buck
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This excellent handbook combines four technical manuals covering Site Investigations, Laboratory Testing of Soils and basic Soils Engineering applicable to the Planning, Design and Construction of... More > Pile Foundations and other major Civil Structures. Our manual reviews the various methods of conducting site investigations and laboratory and field testing, preliminary to project design. Covering the basics of soils identification procedures and goes on to settlement behavior, seepage, slope stability and other important subjects. Detailing some more difficult technical subjects including seismic activity and vibrations to some of the modern solutions for soils stabilization such as vibro-flotation and cement or chemical grouting methods.< Less
Cellular Cofferdams By Pile Buck
Paperback: $29.00
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This working manual covers everything from theory, practical design, templates, installation, filling, equipment, maintenance to removal. With the combination of the TVA Technical Monograph 75-Steel... More > Sheet Pile Cofferdams on the Rock manual and the US Corps of Engineers manual - Theoretical Manual for Design of Cellular Sheet Pile Structures our Cellular Cofferdams handbook make for an excellent reference book. Cellular Cofferdams, the large, barrel-like, interconnected structures formed of steel sheet piling and filled with coarse soil. Generally utilized for dewatering large construction sites as well as building piers, quaywalls, bulkheads, breakwaters and artificial islands. Over the years, a few papers on design theory have come forth, but only one complete publication devoted to the entire subject.< Less

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