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Dancing Like Dante By Greg Swimelar
eBook (PDF): $1.88
A gay man from Rio struggles with decisions about his own relationship and life situation in New York while he faces a challenge presented by a student.
The English Teacher and the Soju Woman By Greg Swimelar
eBook (PDF): $2.95
(1 Ratings)
What happens when a young Korean woman with a carton of soju in her backpack enters a cyber cafe in Venice? Is she the soul mate that the English teacher has been dreaming of?
Erawan & Hendrix By Greg Swimelar
eBook (PDF): $3.75
A collection of short stories taking place in Thailand and other international locations
Tribal Politics By Greg Swimelar
eBook (PDF): $3.95
The collection of poems focuses mainly on the idea that humanity is more important than nation for the sustainable future of this lovely garden we call Earth.