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Amplify You!: 10 Ways to Amplify Your Learning and Achieve Anything By Regi Adams
eBook (PDF): $2.99
This book highlights practical and powerful behaviors(amplifiers)that will help you increase your ability to learn. When used in a coordinated fashion the presented amplifiers will help you harness... More > the power of knowledge and achieve anything!< Less
The 5 o'clock Coup By Regi Adams
eBook (PDF): $6.25
I wrote this book to crystallize for myself a new found sense of agency and independence. A prominent theme through this work is the concept of warriors and champions. For me this was significant as... More > these figures establish their existence against the ravages of challenge and setback. The audacity to stand defiantly in defense of one’s purpose and dream is an attribute worthy of attainment. This book was conceptualized from a space of personal liberation. So much of what we do as individuals is because of an outside expectation to conform. We do not realize that we twist and bend our being into a state of non-relevance. A piece of ourselves washes away with the flow of popular opinion, when we succumb to the enticement of relinquishing the integrity of our character. The 5 O’clock Coup is a collection of poetry and prose that represents one’s personal declaration of independence and agency. It is with this understanding that I present to you, The 5 O’clock Coup.< Less
A Chinese Kid Named Santiago By Regi Adams
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Does wisdom exist outside the margins of our accepted routines? Does knowledge flow in more ways than one? My book A Chinese Kid Named Santiago indirectly plays upon these themes. I wrote this book... More > over a span of ten years. What the reader observes in this work is a compilation of my life; a kaleidoscope of experience and feeling as wildly eclectic and divergent as life itself. I wrote this book as a cathartic expression of me. The creation of which was therapeutic in nature allowing me a mirror from which to reflect. With the release of this book I hope to offer others a catalyst from which to peer deeper into themselves, seeking a deeper level of understanding. As an educator I believe that people learn in more ways than just the lecture and the text book. Poetry and prose offer mediums of learning which resonate on different levels of human understanding. These levels are just as important as one’s analytical faculties. It is within this context that I present to you, A Chinese Kid Named Santiago.< Less
The Power of We! By Regi Adams
eBook (PDF): $7.00
This book is a blueprint as to how trainers can integrate problem based learning strategies into their teaching strategies. This book was written to assist trainers in creating learning engagements... More > which nurture the power of self-efficacy and independence within learners . Qualities which are essential in today’s highly competitive professional environment.< Less