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Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #17 By SW Theaker & JB Greenwood (Editors)
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Welcome to TQF#17! In this issue, as ever, like it or not, there are further instalments in the Saturation Point Saga (by Howard Phillips), the researches of Newton Braddell (by John Greenwood),... More > Helen and Her Magic Cat (by Steven Gilligan), and After All (by Michael Wyndham Thomas). Diane Andrews, new to these pages, calculates “The Speed of Darke”, set in a strange world of filtered legend. Richard K Lyon recounts “The Christmas Present War”. Jeff Crouch produces “Glurp”, the first story accepted for this issue. Like the substance in its title, this story stuck with me after my first reading of it, and I felt an uncontrollable compulsion to send the author an acceptance note. Sometimes I read and accept stories late at night, at times when I should really be sleeping. How else to explain the appearance in this serious and august journal of such a lunatic item as Dan Kopcow’s “Gone English”, a tale of the Bearded Avenger?< Less
Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #18 By SW Theaker & JB Greenwood (Editors)
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The rock just won’t stop! This issue of the munificent and magnificent TQF contains the following stories: “Ananke”, by Jeff Crook (fantasy in the high style); “Winter’s... More > Warm Blood” by Mark E Deloy (horror with a feminine side); “Live to Be Hunted” by Sean & Craig Davis (100% masculine); “Glimmerick”, by Michael McNichols (featuring the magical tree of god!); “La Tierra de la Sangre”, by Benjamin Spurduto (pirate-crazy); “The Tragical History of Weebly Pumrod, Witch Hunter”, by Bruce Hesselbach (the world of Yxning); “After All”, by Michael Wyndham Thomas (antepenultimate engagement); more Newton Braddell by John Greenwood; and reviews of the Transformers movie and Apex #10!< Less
Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #16 By SW Theaker & JB Greenwood (Editors)
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This issue’s brilliant cover - by John Shanks, proprietor of the Homegrown Goodness website - has doubtless alerted you the main content of this issue: Howard Phillips relates to us The Doom... More > That Came to Sea Base Delta! Then, Lawrence Dagstine, editor of The Literary Bone, brings us “Our Plight on Amaros”, a high concept tale of human despair on an alien world. This issue also brings the next part of After All, by Michael Wyndham Thomas. Wash that down with another sip of Newton Braddell, and then you'll be ready for another Lost Classic of the Silver Age, a tale of one Cleabella Danger, with thanks to the plucky fellow who rescued her book from a space pirate! And dropped into the mix at the very last minute, an extract from the novel-in-progress, Chameleon Man Gets Lost, by Caroline Marwitz: “The Good Fortune Driving School for Men”. Watch out too for the next instalment of Helen and Her Magic Cat!< Less
Theaker's Quarterly Fiction: Year Three (#9–14) By SW Theaker & JB Greenwood (Editors)
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This is the bound volume of all six issues of TQF from 2006, containing a total of fourteen short stories, three novellas, nine comic strips, one extract from a novel originally published in another... More > dimension, one play, lots of news and reviews, and one incredible novel in its entirety, His Nerves Extruded by Howard Phillips.< Less

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