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Lords of Lightning By David Phillips
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Since the dawn of time mankind has stood in awe of the forces of nature and the sudden and destructive power of lightning has inspired wonder above all others. The legendary beings that could control... More > these forces of storm and lightning – wizards, heroes, gods and monsters – were feared and revered throughout the world. Lords of Lightning presents eleven new antagonists for players and gamemasters to use in their M&M System roleplaying game. These include Adam, Agent Zero, Jules Blitzer, Dynamo, The Hoplite, Keno Kuryente, Nemesis Rex, Raiju, Shock-Trooper, Tempest and Tian-Mu. Inside you will also find a wealth of adventure hooks and story ideas, including innovative new concepts such as the “Origin-In-A-Box” and “Story Point” sidebars that allow a gamemaster to tie a villain’s background directly into the campaign’s history or the origins of one of the player’s heroes. < Less