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Balanced Whole System Parenting By Ethan Borg
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As parents in today's day and age how do we find balance for ourselves and for our children? It can be helpful to answer this provocative question not with some cheap fifty cent sound bite but with... More > deep wisdom with ancient roots. To that we turn to Chinese medicine, one of the oldest whole system theories advocating personal and inter-personal balance for health, harmony, and vitality. Apply this rich theory to the family and you encounter something wonderful and unexpected: insight and a helpful path towards a more cooperative and harmonious family system. Along the way, discover your own Five Element “constitution” and how this impacts how you parent, see your children and your spouse from a totally new perspective, find strategies to rectify resentments and imbalanced emotions, and learn how to get out of the rut you and your family members likely fall into every time you find yourselves in conflict.< Less
A Beginner's Guide To Acupuncture By Ethan Borg
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This is an excellent introductory book to acupuncture theory. Learn basic concepts, credential information about professionals, and more.