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Multiple Ways to Get Others to Give You Money to Start or Fund You're Record Label or any Other Business, Guaranteed! By Ty Cohen
eBook (PDF): $29.99
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Discover the sure-fire secrets to quickly and easily getting anywhere from One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars all the way up to Ten Million ($10,000,000.00) Dollars to start your company. In this... More > guide I give you tons of never before revealed music industry insider resources that you can use to get start up or operating money for your label, no matter what your background credit history or experience in the industry. It's all about O.P.M., "Other People's Money, this is how the big guys like the Trumps and Rockefellers get started and I'll show you some of the very same methods that many other millionaires have used to get their start in the music industry. (Valued at $149.99)< Less
The Ultimate Record Label : Everything you need to start (or turn your existing record company into) a world famous, cash generating, talent finding music industry power house! By Ty Cohen
eBook (PDF): $29.99
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Starting your own record label is like having a gold mine in your back yard. There is a huge demand for new, unique, never before heard music, and very little suppliers or competition. Use the new... More > "Ultimate Record Label" course to unearth your share of the music industry's riches and treasures now. Dear fellow music enthusiast did you know that every year thousands of successful independent record labels pull in millions of dollars in profits and sales with their artist's music? "If Your Label is Making $12 a CD (after paying your artist a whopping $4- per CD sold) and You Sell Just 50,000, That's Not So Bad" Do The Math $12.00 x 50,000 = $600,000.00 In Sales! Now Imagine if you have 10 artist on your label that each sell just 50,000 CDs a Year (some will sell more) That's a Whopping 6 Million Dollars a Year in Earnings for Your Label! $600,000.00 X 10 = $6,000,000.00 Six Million Dollars!< Less
How to Start Your Own Successful Record Label in 21 Days or Less! By Ty Cohen
eBook (PDF): $16.15
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Who Else Would Like to Have Immediate Access to a Step-By-Step Blue Print for Creating A Successful Record Label? If The Answer is YOU… …Buy This Book Immediately! Here is What... More > You’ll Discover In it * On the spot resources that will loan and some that will Give you money to start your own label. * How to have radio stations practically begging you for your music. * The best and most effective ways to promote your record label on a budget! * Crucial steps you should take once you have your artist lined up and ready to go! * The best and most effective ways to promote your record label, even if you are on a strict budget or have no money at all * Contracts, Marketing and Profit! * How to secure Distribution deals. * The quickest and easiest ways for your label to make money! * How much you should pay your artist and the proper percentage rates to go by. Plus, much, much more! Buy this book NOW!< Less
The New Music Industry: How to Use the Power of the Internet to Multiply Your Industry Exposure, Fan Base and Income Potential Online! By Ty Cohen
eBook (PDF): $9.97
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No matter what genre of music you’re into, this book is for you! Ty shows you step-by-step: • How to make bucket loads of cash with your music… Without a record deal. • How... More > to get top websites, to promote and sell your music, then send you a big fat juicy royalty check every month! • How to attract fans that will buy everything you sell to them, including your music, DVDs, posters, t-shirts and more! • How to set up a free, professional website that you can sell your music and merchandise from, all on auto-pilot, hands free, 24 hours-a-day, raking in truckloads of cash! • How to easily place your music online in the form of MP3’s, and video for millions to hear. • And More… “Why Settle and Earn Royalties of Only 2 to 3% of Your Music’s Sales, When You Can Get Paid 100% Using the Information Ty Cohen Teaches in this Book?” P.S. Get Your copy now! Ty Cohen Platinum Millennium Publishing< Less

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