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D: A Life of Courage and Love By John G. Young
eBook (ePub): $8.99
These poems, prose poems, epistolary poems, light verse, diary entries, vignettes and photos pose as a memoir of Diane’s courage and love. They add a final chapter to the saga of our life and... More > Diane’s lifelong struggles and resilience especially with respect to multiple sclerosis and its consequences. They celebrate her life despite the odds against her. These poems don't pretend to be high art poetry but rather serve as ultrashort narratives. Writing them served as poetry therapy for me. The idioms of poetry writing and rewriting contain emotions so that they can be faced and grief worked through. The dark humor helped me to cope in a most difficult time. Diane’s stories function as a reminder that we do not live on an even playing field. Some are more challenged than others. Some are more unlucky than others. But Diane lived courageously despite all that came to her. I want to honor that and the love I feel for her still.< Less
The Animal Census By John G. Young
eBook (PDF): $10.44
The Animal Census is a playfully illustrated "children's book for adults," full of double entendres. Written at Christmas time, it takes off on Luke’s story—“when it came... More > to pass a decree from Caesar Augustus that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.” But it also asks the taxing question, “How do we count in the world?” “And when are we going to come to our senses?” It implies we act like animals, but that might not be fair to the animals. Finally it asks the psychological question, "What kind of animal are you?"< Less
Evolutionary Creativity: Selection in the Creative Process By John G. Young
eBook (PDF): $7.60
In this series of essays John G. Young, M.D., a board certified psychiatrist, returns to his roots in philosophy to examine the relationships between biological evolution and cognitive evolution. He... More > begins at the beginning, exploring origin myths. Then using general systems theories, he moves through evolution to find similarities of biological change and selection as it points towards a better understanding of creative/innovative approaches.< Less
Will and Won't: Autonomy and Creativity Blocks By John G. Young
eBook (PDF): $9.23
To become original creators, artists present themselves and their unique points of view. They go beyond the skill level, developing themselves as much, if not more than, their techniques. They go... More > beyond refining approaches learned from others for they originate something new. To create at this level they need more than techniques and talent, they must have courage and imagination. When artists have the courage to express themselves, their understanding of the world, rather than repeat the formulas of the past, they become the originators. Will and Won’t looks at the issues of being authentic and autonomous as a creator. John G. Young, M.D. shows you how to over-come perceptual, conceptual, cultural, emotional and mental block to creating. He examines the psychological issues of fears of success, tensions in a paradoxical process, the double-edged sword of creativity, and psychological integration and style.< Less

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