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Imperial Gazetteer (Pathfinder) By Wolfgang Baur, Scott Gable
eBook (PDF): $9.95
Vampires and spectral knights long ago claimed the country of Morgau & Doresh as their own, leaving the ghouls their empire deep beneath the earth. Both are fully detailed in this volume by... More > award-winning designers Wolfgang Baur and Scott Gable. Travel deep within the palatial crypts of deep realms where death fears to tread. This gazetteer provides: 1. A history of the undead nations above and below the earth. 2. A giant cast of undying antagonists and allies. 3. A new undead race of necropolitan ghouls for PCs to join the unliving. 4. The subterranean realms of the Emperor of the Ghouls. 5. Undead-themed gods and magical items. 6. More original, inventive undead than you can shake a stake at. From the minds that brought you the Empire of the Ghouls, a new source of campaign terror! 78 pages, with surface and underdark maps and full Pathfinder RPG stats throughout.< Less
Dwarves of the Ironcrags By Wolfgang Baur
eBook (PDF): $9.95
More than taciturn miners and miserly smiths, the dwarves of Zobeck include slavers, secretive fraternal orders, and magical blades containing the souls of the dead. The Dwarves of the Ironcrags... More > Gazetteer describes all these aspects of Zobeck dwarven culture and more: • Descriptions of all the dwarven cantons, including those that were lost. • An examination of dwarven society, from bride-prices to the dwarven view of slavery. • A secretive order, complete with prestige classes. • The Kariv, a group of wandering nomads often welcome among the dwarves. • New dwarven and derro spells and magic items. • A bestiary containing 9 new monsters and templates. This gazetteer contains many other secrets of the dwarves, including numerous spells, domains, and feats, plus new options for dwarven and Kariv characters in the Ironcrags. In addition, this gazetteer provides GMs and players with information to better ground your game in the Zobeck world.< Less
Gazetteer of Zobeck By Wolfgang Baur
eBook (PDF): $9.95
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The ticking heart of the Free City of Zobeck! This 3rd Edition RPG supplement describes the city of Zobeck, its clockwork magic, the Arcane Collegium, adventure hooks galore, the kobold ghetoo, and... More > much more. 48-pages.< Less
Kobold Ecologies, Vol. 1, B&W By Wolfgang Baur
eBook (PDF): $9.95
KOBOLD Ecologies is a massive book of monster love. Not just any ecologies, either: these are written by some of the best, like Clinton Boomer, Richard Pett, Nicolas Logue, and KQ publisher and... More > kobold ringmaster Wolfgang Baur. This 104-page collection features adventure hooks galore, new monster feats, and all the magic of the Ecology series. * The Ecology of the Barghest (OGL) * The Ecology of the Centaur (4E) * The Ecology of the Cloaker (OGL) * The Ecology of the Derro (OGL) * The Ecology of the Golem by Ross Byers (OGL) * The Ecology of the Half-Giant (OGL) * The Ecology of the Homunculus (OGL) * The Ecology of the Lich (OGL) * The Ecology of the Maenad (OGL/4E) * The Ecology of the Phantom Fungus (OGL) * The Ecology of the Retriever (OGL) * The Ecology of the Revenant (OGL) Pick it up today, and wreak some monster mayhem tonight!< Less