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Me and Jobs - Adventures in career explorations By Dennis Hooker
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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Me and Jobs has become the "Gone With the Wind" of Self, Career and Life Exploration (used by a half-million students in Elementary, Secondary and Adult programs). Me and Jobs gently guides... More > the students into written and spoken self-expression. The young adults investigate their most important subject- themselves. They discover and use their newly found abilities, interests and aptitudes to provide a needed service to the world - and be rewarded! Interest. Upper Elementary to Adults.< Less
The Intrinsic Bowler - Beyond "The Zone" Into the Inner Bowler By Dennis Hooker
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Hooker and Palmer Fallgren have taken the mental game to a new, more workable level - that of the Inner Bowler. Past what many have called "The Zone" - and into a deeper, more satsifying... More > space. Palmer Fallgren was Olympic Coach for Team USA Bowling, a pro on tour and TV since a teenager, a consultant for Brunswick balls and still a Bowling Pro. Dennis Hooker is a retired counselor,professor, psychologist, hypno-therapist and writer of many books used by nearly 3 million readers over the last quarter century. "Intrinsic" means "Belonging to the real nature of a thing". It is the essence of the REAL Bowler inside each of us that knows how-to Let Go! of the ball in a way to get strikes. The wonderful thing about this program is the simplicity of it! It is easy to learn - and very enjoyable and satisfying to "turn it over" to something inside yourself that knows better how-to bowl.< Less
I (Sometimes) Dislike My Little Kid - The Steadfast Father Attitude By Dennis Hooker
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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I did not invent the Steadfast Father Attitude - only the name. It's been around for centuries, but never needed more than now. I researched and discovered what it is that fathers do that works -... More > and I share it with you now. We want OFTEN what we have SOMETIMES - those moments when the child is cooperating with the Steadfast Attitude Father. This Attitude grew out of Dennis' work all his professional life with troubled and troubling children and youth - including teaching child psychology at colleges and public schools - and being a school psychologist. His books have been used by 2-3 million youth in schools and counseling centers across the country for over 25 years.< Less
Steadfast Teacher Attitude - Teachers In Charge! By Dennis Hooker
eBook (PDF): $12.50
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Little tyrants are developing. Miniature manipulative monarchs are usurping our classrooms - a raging power battle is happening. Teachers (maybe you) are being emotionally abused by youngsters -... More > kids clamoring for power. Good sense says that this is not right. What is going wrong? How do we correct it? The answer is in the Steadfast Teacher Attitude - the way things are going to be done around here. "Thar's a new sheriff in town!" Master teachers have known for centuries that they are the adult - the child is just that - a child. We are the benevolant monarchs - the loving rulers. The classroom is NOT a democracy - it is a gentle monarchy with US in charge. Dennis Hooker worked his whole professional life with troubled and troubling children and youth. His previous books have been used by 2-3 million youth in classrooms and counseling centers across the U.S.< Less

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