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HazMat for the Brain The Blue Book By les aaron friedlieb
eBook (PDF): $10.00
A compendium of ideas, commentary, research, and analysis that covers the presidential years of the current Bush administration. The Blue Book deals with information not commonly obtained elsewhere... More > including original perspectives on the environment, the Economy, jobs, First Amendment issues, Democracy, Global Warming using objective reporting and incisive humor designed to focus light on issues confronting America and our future role in the world distilled from the UFBB, the Ubiquitous Flying Blue Blog< Less
A Blueprint For Winning: Taking Back the White House--08 By les aaron friedlieb
eBook (PDF): $13.96
This book will not make you richer or more handsome; what it will do is make you think. We guarantee that you will never think about politics in the same way again. This book will help you to see... More > how politics can be manipulated to influence almost every aspect of our lives, our futures, the health of our children, our jobs and even our survival. Politics not only influences what we see and know but future outcomes as well. It will also influence whether our kids know only War or enjoy a future of peace and prosperity. Politics reaches into virtually every sphere of life; from our health to the health of our species and the the future of our planet. In short, to ignore politics is to do so at our own risk!< Less
The Costume Party By les aaron friedlieb
eBook (PDF): $9.95
The Costume Party:THE COSTUME PARTY: Mark Damon, an officer of AMFORCE gets a message from a friend who he hasn’t seen in years. Then he learns that his friend is dead. Thus begins a probing... More > chess game with the Russian mob in Brighton and tentacles that reach around the world. The Russian mob has taken on a new crime and that crime involves dozens of countries around the world and the possible destruction of our own way of life if they are successful. It is Mark’s job to stop them!—a task that sounds a lot easier than it is. Realizing that Mark has the power to interfere with their grand design, they seize his girlfriend and warn him that if he trys to stop them, they will end her life and the clock is ticking down. The choice comes down to saving her life or allowing the City and the country spiral down in a way that they might not make it back.< Less
A Failure of Will By les aaron friedlieb
eBook (PDF): $8.95
A fast-paced high tech adventure story that travels across the globe building up intensity as it goes. A murder in Hong Kong, a theft in Korea, a secret meeting in Japan that catapults around the... More > world with implications that can change the course of the world in a blink of an eye. All eyes are focused on a missing component of a nuclear weapon that can increase its accuracy so that it will always hit within range of the target. The chase takes Adam Moss around the world winding up between two of the most powerful forces in the world. This world-wind chase leaves bodies strewn around the planet before it reveals what the mad General Raatz is really up to... You will stay glued to your seat for the entire ride...< Less

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