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The Battle for Ka’an By Roger W. Kramer
eBook (PDF): $8.64
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"Trust no one", the Immortal told Captain Dav Vad. Her ship and crew held hostage, the Dishonorably Discharged Ex United Universe pilot is marooned on the planet Chosen. With the help of... More > her two Arti Intel German Shepherds, she is given a mission to find a King Attuicus that has mysteriously disappeared. On the trail of the King, she rescues a young Roman girl, meets a woman who can heal with a touch and a Prince and General on their way to defend the City of Ka’an from the Barbarians. But, one of them is a spy and soon they will possess the knowledge of how to destroy the city and bring the downfall of the New Roman Empire. In the end, Dav realizes she trusted the wrong person. With LARGE PRINT for low eye stress and easy reading< Less
The Siege of Ka’an By Roger W. Kramer
eBook (PDF): $8.07
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The sound of the teacher’s voice droned in his ear, “Battles have been lost before men have stepped a foot on the battlefield. Your tactics are the plans you make for the upcoming battle... More > and strategy is the careful planning and managing of your activity on the battlefield. Heed this lesson well young man as the lives of men are in your hands, and should always be in your heart.” Attalee, a twelve year old boy king, must face the threat of a barbarian army that outnumbers his own, three to one. It was tactics that helped him win the Battle for Ka’an and the story continues as Attalee realizes that skillful strategy must be used, if the New Roman Empire is to survive, The Siege of Ka’an. With LARGE PRINT for low eye stress and easy reading< Less

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