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Master of Far Reach By Laura J. Underwood
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Master of Far Reach He is Rhystar of Far Reach, Master of Magic, Creator of the Harp Glynnanis and Mentor to Anwyn Baldomyre, the Harper Mage. There is no greater mage in all the lands of Aragorn,... More > Lamboria or Thuathynboria. And at one time he was a young man in love who lost all he cared about to a vicious war and swore revenge on every human that walked the face of the world. Along the way, he found clues to the meaning of his silver eyes. But to unlock those secrets and unleash the power that resided within him, he would be forced into the depths of madness by one who claimed to have his best interests in heart. But the sorceress who called herself Heleana of the Misty Mountains sought only to steal Rhystar's power for her own. Trapped in Heleana's keep, a prisoner of her perverted whims, he would soon find himself making the sacrifice to release his own power and returning once more to the ways of battle to try and defeat Heleana and claim his rightful place as Master of Far Reach.< Less
The Wizard of Mushrooms Tales of a Darker Nature By Laura J. Underwood
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Come enter a world of dark imagination, where the ordinary takes on a "different" bent. Where the shadows may hide dark secrets and even old ladies are scary. "If Lord Dunsany or... More > Edgar Allen Poe had lived in East Tennessee they'd have written stories like Laura Underwood's, where the fantastic and the ordinary mingle to create strange and wonderful tales in places you could swear you can almost see out of the corners of your eyes." - John G. Hemry, author of Rule of Evidence. "Laura J. Underwood has the right combination of believable characters, authentic mountain settings, a twist of humor, and cold-down-the-backbone touch of horror." - Elizabeth Moon, author of The Speed of Dark< Less
Gather My Bones By Laura J. Underwood
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The song that whispered to young Rhoyd Smytheson begged the mageborn lad for help. But what he and his family found in the depths of the Ruchnach Ruins could spell death... "Gather My Bones is... More > a first-rate story, strongly written and deftly told."< Less
Shadow Hart By Laura J. Underwood
eBook (PDF): $1.19
Rhoyd Smytheson and his family came to the village of Calydon on the way to a northern outpost in Ard-Taebh, but winter storms stopped them and forced them to shelter in the Hart's Hope Inn. Only... More > now, dark powers are determined to stop Rhoyd and keep him from fulfilling his destiny as the Ard Magister. He must battle the coming of Long Winter and defeat the Shadow Hart or all hope is lost... But what can one small boy do against a creature of ancient power?< Less

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