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eBook Building Martin-style Acoustic Guitar Kits By Bill Cory
eBook (PDF): $22.50
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This ebook offers the same complete text and photos as in the print edition -- revised, 108 pages, over 500 photos. Download and save! For more information on the book, go... More > to NEW-- A COMBINED 350-page PDF of this book plus the "Complete Guide to Building Kit Acoustic Guitars" is available ONLY at FREE Excerpts there too!< Less
Introduction to Kit Acoustic Guitars By Bill Cory
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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(FREE BONUS: Before you buy ... this same book is a FREE, immediate bonus eBook direct from the author if you purchase the "Complete Guide To Building Kit Acoustic Guitars" OR... More > "Building Martin-style Acoustic Guitar Kits" through the author's website, at ........ What about kit guitars? Are they any good? Are they worth building? Can a non-musician build one? Can a beginner woodworker build one? ...YES to all! A kit guitar can be built by almost anyone, and if it's built well, its sound and playability can be on a par with factory instruments costing up to $2,000. The "Complete Guide To Building Kit Acoustic Guitars," with 240 pages, 491 photos, and detailed reviews of all the major quality kits, will help you choose the right guitar kit, get the right tools, and build your guitar well. *** And remember, this 48-page book is a FREE BONUS eBook instant download when you purchase the "Complete Guide" OR "Martin-style Kits" direct from the author at< Less
Building Martin-style Acoustic Guitar Kits By Bill Cory
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For a Preview and FREE Excerpts, see ... Sorry, no preview available on Lulu. This is the manual Martin kit builders need! The C.F. Martin Guitar Company has made great... More > guitars for 175 years. ... They also sell acoustic guitar kits that any guitar enthusiast can build. Martin kits are different from others, and procedures on them must be done correctly. But Martin doesn't provide a good manual with the kit. Now, though, there is a dedicated manual. Guitar builder Bill Cory has built a number of Martin-style kits (out of 20+ acoustic kits), and his comprehensive manual totally describes and illustrates the entire process in clear photos and text. If you want a GREAT VALUE for your money, you can purchase a COMBINED PDF (350 pages) of this book AND the "Complete Guide to Building Kit Acoustic Guitar." It is printable, so you can just print the pages you need to. It is available ONLY as a PDF and ONLY at Bill Cory's website,< Less