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THE TEN FACTS OF EVOLUTION (color version) By Phillip Engle
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THE TEN FACTS OF EVOLUTION is a book that resolves the conflict between Darwinism and intelligent design, between science and teleology, by means of Robert F. DeHaan's theory of evolution, called... More > macrodevelopment. The book begins by summarizing the "ten major facts" of biological evolution and then compares how two very different theories of evolution try to explain these facts. The first theory is the overwhelmingly dominant theory of neo-Darwinism, according to which evolution is the result of the interaction between random genetic mutations and “natural selection”. The second theory is Robert F. DeHaan’s theory of macrodevelopment, according to which evolution is the result of the “unfolding” of the biosphere over millions of years in a manner analogous to the “unfolding” of the biological individual within the womb during morphogenesis.< Less
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FAR FROM EQUILIBRIUM is an introduction to physical science for the 21st century. It emphasizes the nonlinear paradigm and also includes discussions of important epistemological and teleological... More > issues related to science. FAR FROM EQUILIBRIUM ends with a presentation of biological evolution from the nonlinear perspective, introducing the reader to Robert F. DeHaan's pathbreaking nonlinear theory of macrodevelopment as the replacement for the outdated linear theory of neo-Darwinism. This book is intended for the general reader and presumes only a knowledge of high school mathematics.< Less
UNPUBLISHED EVOLUTION PAPERS of John A. Davison By Phillip Engle
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This is the book that fans of the developmental tradition of evolutionary theory will love, and that Darwinians will dread!
EVOLUTION: A Catechism By Phillip Engle
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A short introduction to evolution: Part 1 covers the basic Facts of evolution. Part 2 covers the basic Theories of evolution. Part 3 covers Macrodevelopment, the true theory of evolution.

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