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The Cotton Keeper By Wilf Morgan
Paperback: $9.80
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Sierra Leone, West Africa. January, 1999. A dangerous time and place in which to find yourself. Especially if - like Femi - you're a young chimpanzee on a quest. Trying to escape a desperate... More > existence with his starving tribe, Femi - along with his fearful best friend, Septimus and his tough older brother, Coker - strikes out to find a better life. The trio embark on a perilous adventure across the jungles and plains of Sierra Leone to find the one being who can help them - the legendary, mysterious Cotton Keeper. Unfortunately, Femi couldn't have chosen a worse time for his quest. Because the Big-Walkers are at war. Even as Femi and his friends trek towards their destination, the Big-Walkers race across the country on the backs of their growling, metal beasts, brandishing their magic, metal, killing arms. The race is on for the young chimps - if they want to reach their goal, they have to get to the Cotton Keeper before the Big-Walkers do.< Less
The Greatest Show on Earth By Wilf Morgan
Paperback: $8.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
Roll up, roll up! Come and feast your eyes upon sights and characters never before witnessed in the civilised world! GASP! as William Shakespeare romps through explosive action and adventure. GULP!... More > as Santa Claus takes violent revenge upon those who would destroy Christmas. SWOON! as an international assassin tries to resist the lure of love in favour of continuing to kill folk for money. Come and see these things and more. Come and see... THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!< Less
The Assassin's Wedding By Wilf Morgan
eBook (PDF): $1.38
(2 Ratings)
'The Assassin's Wedding' tells the tale of the week leading up to Michael Shepard's wedding. He's nervous? You bet. Why? Well, mainly due to the small thing of secretly being an assassin. It's not... More > the kind of thing you tell your prospective wife. Or her snobbish family. But it is the kind of thing that makes you wonder if, just maybe, you made a slight mistake in falling in love and proposing. Nevertheless, Michael - a nice guy (y'know, apart from the killing for money thing) - does indeed love his intended and plans on making it all work. Somehow. Things don't get any easier when a simple job (there to take Mike's mind off the impending wedding) turns sour due to (among other things); - a missing person - another assassin - ghosts from his past - a slightly drunk private eye and (worst of all) - wedding shopping... This pacy, darkly humourous thriller scrambles its way back and forth across the globe and leaves our hero wondering; can assassins really have a happily ever after?< Less
Lost Angels By Wilf Morgan
eBook (PDF): $1.57
(1 Ratings)
Daniel was just looking to lay low and escape the hell his life had become. What Daniel found was Lost Angels. Here, criminal Houses vied for the public vote. Downtrodden and depressed citizens... More > faced lethal, on-the-spot punishment for the smallest indiscretion. Feuding Houses, more interested in fighting each other than actually helping the people who voted for them, made collateral damage of their constituents on a daily basis. And yet no-one ever, ever left the town. Deciding, inexplicably, to 'save' the town's inhabitants from the violent political bodies, Daniel goes on a twenty-year odyssey, rising up through the ranks of the criminal Houses in an attempt to rid the town of its destructive rulers once and for all. But Daniel doesn't count on the fact that power is much more seductive to those who wish to do good. He must realise why the town is called 'Lost Angels'. Or else be reminded exactly where the road paved with good intentions leads...< Less